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18 Nov 2022

Fur Babies Rule! Four ways to keep your dog safe as the days get shorter

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When you think of autumn, you likely picture cozy fires, hot cocoa, and piles of colorful leaves. While beautiful, this season can also pose certain dangers to your four-legged friends. During the fall, the days grow shorter, which means less daylight and visibility. As you get ready for fall weather and activities, check out these four tips for keeping your dog safe from light-up gear to wireless fences for dogs.

1. Take walks during the daytime

During the warmer months, you may have gotten used to taking your furry friend out for walks in the early mornings or late afternoons. However, you’ll need to adjust your walk times so drivers can clearly see you and your dog when crossing the street. It may take time for you and your pup to adjust, but it’s the easiest way to keep both of you safe.

2. Invest in light-up and reflective gear

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to switch up your walk times, you’ll need gear to make you visible to motorists. For your canine companion, invest in light-up LED collars and leashes that offer solid or flashing illumination in low light. Reflective collars and vests can be used alone or in addition to light-up gear to keep your pet safe

As for yourself, you’ll need high-visibility clothing to increase your safety during early morning or late evening walks. Check out your local sports outfitter for LED runners’ and cyclists’ vests. You can also purchase reflective beanies, clip-on lights, light-up belts, and other high visibility gear.

3. Try an anxiety vest

Some dogs are naturally more excitable, anxious, and fearful than others. To keep them calm during stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks displays, and even vet visits and travel, consider using an anxiety vest.

An anxiety vest wraps around your dog and applies pressure to its torso. This pressure therapy calms your dog the same way swaddling an infant or hugging someone who is upset does, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Even if your dog is usually calm, it’s a great idea to have an anxiety vest on hand to keep your dog safe and calm during an unexpected, stressful situation.

4. Use on-the-go safety devices

If your yard isn’t fenced in, you’ll need another way to keep your dog safe, especially if they have a habit of wandering off. While you could put your dog on a long leash, it can easily get tangled and restricts your dog’s ability to explore its territory. Also, if you usually keep an eye on your dog while they’re out back, it can be more difficult to see them during the darker months.

Consider investing in a Halo Collar, a pet safety device with technology built right into the collar. Co-founded by dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, the collar provides the ultimate boundary training for dogs to allow them to live life safely off-leash. Equipped with smart training and activity tracking, this device gently guides your dog to stay within the invisible fencing boundaries you set within the smartphone app, so your dog is always protected and able to live a safe life off leash.

Your dog can roam off-leash but will be reminded to stay within the virtual fence boundary of your yard through vibrations and beeping. It can also be challenging to keep your dog safe when you are not at home. If you’re visiting friends and family or taking a trip with your pet, you and your dog may not be familiar with the area or its potential dangers.

When using Halo Collar, you can create up to 20 wireless fences in the app, even without Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. If your dog should escape, the Return Whistle function will guide them back safely to your location. To learn more about how this GPS dog collar device and other accessories can keep your dog safe, visit

Be proactive about your dog’s safety. Using these four tips, you can keep your dog safe this autumn.

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