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2 Feb 2018

Escape with 2018’s most in-demand color

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Whether you’ve been a loyalist to the same shade of green for the last decade or if you’re an evolving follower of trends whose color choices have shifted over the years, the trending color of 2018 is sure to surprise and intrigue you. Indeed, black is back. But how was this classic shade named the trending color of the year? While many assume the choice is random, trending colors are based on many influencers, but where do they really begin? Trending colors arise from consumer preferences, which are formed by societal influences, such as politics, economics, lifestyle and overall sentiment. We as a society hold the power of prompting new color trends based on our ever-changing attitudes, ideas and actions.

Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager for PPG, a leader in paint and color, understands the path to determining each year’s top trending color. Schlotter meets annually with more than 20 PPG color stylists from around the world at the company’s Global Color Trends Workshop. “Our team of global color experts assess societal and cultural influences to forecast what colors will be popular in home decor, consumer goods, automotive and even airplanes for the upcoming year,” Schlotter says. “We also look at what’s happening in society, and the state of people’s emotions because of current events. All of this information helps us predict what colors will truly resonate with people in the coming year, especially when it comes to the paint in their homes.”

The year 2018 finds its color of the year is a reflection of people’s daily lives and their need to find an escape.

‘Black’ to basics

“The PPG Paints brand’s 2018 Color of the Year is Black Flame (PPG1043-7). It offers the silencing impact of black with the possibility and hopefulness of indigo seen in the color’s undertone,” says Schlotter.

Schlotter adds that black will be very popular in 2018 because it offers a break from an often chaotic and over-worked world. “With society facing overstimulation and a need to take refuge, the color black offers a comforting retreat, and a chance to start new and get back to the basics,” she says. “Black Flame represents that necessary void and the need for nothingness that helps us recharge, making it a timeless and classic color in home decor.”

A palette of options

While going darker can seem intimidating at first, incorporating black into your existing decor is a lot easier than you think.

Many people mistakenly believe that all blacks are the same. However, black, like any other color, is available in a wide array of shades. For example, Glidden paint’s 2018 Color of the Year, Deep Onyx (00NN 07/000), is a deep and rich black that encourages a less-is-more attitude when applying to home decor, while Black Magic (OL116), the 2018 Color of the Year for Olympic paints, is more glamorous and looks great as a statement color for walls. And, if you’re looking for some darker inspiration outdoors, Olympic stain’s Maximum product in a Cinder semi-transparent stain color (905) is a great complement to Black Magic when applied to exterior surfaces like doors, window trims and shutters.

Any of these black hues can be a defining piece in your decor while providing you with the mental escape you need. Schlotter adds that capitalizing on this year’s color trend isn’t solely about the color itself, but what you pair it with. Consider some of her other tips and tricks, including:

  • Pair the PPG Paints brand’s Black Flame with Millennial orange-pinks, teals and warm gray or mocha browns for an enveloping, rich look and feel.
  • Feel a bit more daring? Make an impactful statement with black by applying it from floor to ceiling on an accent wall or in an entire room. Completing the look with lighter elements and furnishings will make the decor stand out, because the dark walls will highlight artwork and accessories while providing depth and character, creating a perfect space for respite and conversation.
  • To keep a space more fresh and modern, consider pairing a black hue with whites, matte finishes or light-grain wood finishes.

“Outside of paint, reinvented versions of the classic black hue are showing up in key design elements – from faucets, to matte black appliances, to black veined granite countertops, black windows and marble floors,” says Schlotter. “The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to adding this misunderstood neutral in the home.”

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