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19 Mar 2020

Stay Busy at Home!

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Philadelphia Family

We’ve been having lots of fun trading ideas, resources, and frustrations in our Philly Family Community Facebook group. Be sure to join and add to the conversation! We’ve already given you a lot of great online resources for things to do at home, but what about things that don’t require screentime? Board games, slime, LEGOs, arts & crafts, sibling turf wars…there are countless options! Here are some favorites:

Living Room Musical: You’ve got at least two weeks, so learn the libretto to Hamilton. Assign roles. Build a stage. Then, it’s showtime! And hey, you’re learning U.S. History too! Spa Day Face masks, mani-pedis, the works! If you really want to make this take a long time (and be more natural), look up recipes for homemade masks, scrubs, and bath bombs! 

I’ve found that something simple like lemon juice, olive oil, and lots of sugar works surprisingly well as a body scrub.


Indoor Easter Egg Hunt: They did it on Bob’s Burgers, and if it’s good enough for the Belcher clan, it’s good enough for me (just avoid the jelly bean schnapps). Since Easter is basically canceled, but all the stores already are stocked with eggs, candy, and prizes, why not? While you’ve been scouring your yards for colorful eggs, your Jewish friends (myself included) have been staying indoors searching for an afikomen of cardboard-like matzah for generations! Psst… it’s always under the couch cushions.

Containment Journal: Oh, the memories you’re making! I joke, but this is probably the longest many of us have spent together as a family, so make some memories! And encourage your kids to keep a little record of it. 

If they can’t think of anything to write, I tell my daughter to list one thing she did, one thing she learned, and one way she helped, and that ensures a full day. For kids still learning to read and write, this is also great practice—so don’t spell the words for them!

Gardening Start: a garden in the yard! Order seeds, draw out plans, and learn about germination. No yard? Make a container garden! You can even ask the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society gor tips online!

Ridiculous Dance Party: The sillier, the better. Look up karaoke tracks on Spotify to make it a true performance. Look to the past for some iconic pajama-clad ridiculousness. Oh, the 80s.

Camp-In: Pitch a tent in the living room, set up your sleeping bags, get some flashlights, and enjoy the great indoors! You can even make 

Visit: for more information and ideas.

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