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3 Oct 2010

Baby boomers putting experience and resources to good use as entrepreneurs

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A new career is often replacing the choice of retirement for many baby boomers, who have plenty of experience and resources to make entrepreneurship very

With baby boomers living healthier and longer lives, they are no longer following traditional retirement paths and instead are seeking second and third
careers. There’s been a shift away from lifetime jobs with long-term employment – with a noticeable drop among people ages 35 to 64 years old during the
past 50 years, according to the 2009 Sherpa Executive Coaching Study.

One of the most popular endeavors for those in this age bracket is that of a professional business or life coach. Boomers are well suited to this
professional calling based on their vast business and life experience. Coaching is the practice of focusing existing talents and channeling them to create
true significance and empowerment to change in the lives of others.

Even before the entrepreneurial boomers took to the profession, the coaching industry has seen tremendous growth, with revenues topping $1 billion in 2008.
The International Coach Federation, because of the demand for coaches, has seen an explosion in its membership since its creation in 1995. Between 25 to 40
percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches, as reported in a recent survey by The Hay Group, an International Human Resources consultancy.

“Baby boomers comprise the largest segment of our student and graduate base,” comments D. Luke Lorio, president of iPEC’s coach training division. “The
baby boom generation brings with it the experience, skills, contacts, drive and other resources to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities such as coaching.
They reached a point in their careers where they want to capitalize on their experience and often give back to others. Coaching has provided them an outlet
to help others while also earning substantial incomes.”

On average, experienced life coaches are earning an average of $77,000 per year, and experienced corporate/business coaches are earning an average of
$134,800 per year, according to the study.

Jim Kelly, president of Real Leaders Lead Executive Coaching (, is a baby boomer success story. The 63-year-old certified professional
coach was attracted to coaching because it was a career that was truly aligned with his values of giving back and empowering others to live their dreams.

“My 35 years of real world leadership and life experience, including a tenure as CEO of a multi-million dollar company, is the ideal foundation for a
coaching business. I went through the ups and downs of every career and the struggles of building successful businesses. It is that experience that allows
me to help leaders navigate similar experiences much more quickly than if they go it alone,” says Kelly. “My coaching business is strong because clients
are investing in the one thing they know will produce a return: themselves.”

Here are six ways to know if a career in coaching is for you:

  • People usually come to you for advice and you have a positive impact on them.
  • You value personal growth and seek a career that will utilize your strengths.
  • You see great potential in people and are frustrated when they don’t exercise that potential.
  • You emphasize strong relationships and a balanced life with many interests, including vitality in health and career.
  • You’re not afraid of hard work to create more personal and financial freedom.
  • You know you have a gift – and you want to share it to help yourself and others live a more powerful and fulfilling life.

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