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2 Nov 2012

Black Clergy endorsement statement at press conference statement made by Rev. Terrence D.Griffith, President

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November 2, 2012 Category: Philly NAACP Posted by:

It was 1864 and President Lincoln was in a tense reelection battle. His opponent George McClellan was running an unscrupulous campaign. It was the middle
of the civil war and Lincoln’s memorable statement “don’t swap horses in the middle of the stream” seemed a reasonable ask and he was reelected. Black
Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity together with community leaders and elected officials have come to say now is not the time to ‘Swap horses in the
middle of the stream.”

We are supporting President Obama for reelection because we believe that we are in the middle of the stream of an Economic recovery. Kathy Ruffing and Jim
Homey from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities blame the Bush wars and tax cuts for the economic mess that threatened to cripple America. People
have forgotten who got us here, yet they want to give this president a short time to fix eight years of bad management. In four years President Obama has
stopped the economic hemorrhaging. Black Clergy is adamant that this president needs eight years to fill the chasm of despair left by the last

We are in the middle of the stream of a health care plan that brings hope and healing to the hurting. President Obama’s healthcare plan has allowed
uninsured Americans to reap the benefits of a universal healthcare system. A child or youth should never be denied health care because his or her father
and mother do not have health insurance.

To deny medical assistance to people who desperately need it is unconscionable. A nation that spent billions on two unnecessary wars making companies like
Halliburton richer can certainly take care of its dispossessed. It is indisputable that the Obama’s health care plan has demonstrated that we have a
president who cares deeply about all his people.

PHOTO: Rev. Terrence D. Griffith

We are in the middle of the stream of ensuring that the rights of women are not violated in the work place. The first piece of legislation President Obama
signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which restored basic protections against pay discrimination.

The President continues to advocate for the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which is common sense legislation that gives women the tools they need to
fight pay discrimination. President Obama nominated two women to the Supreme Court, including the first Latina justice in American history. Furthermore,
the President has taken exceptional measures to secure grant money for women business owners and get them a fair shake from the Small Business Association.

We are in the middle of the stream in strengthening our nation through education. Believing education is what brings about the strength of a nation, the
president has set a goal for the U.S. to have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020. He has increased federal funding and
doubled the amount of grant money allocated to students seeking a higher education to cover rising tuition costs. During his presidency, he also passed the
White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African-Americans and the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics to ensure
equal education for people of color.

Let’s not forget that for seven years the Bush administration could not find Osama Bin Laden, but it took President Obama’s unrelenting efforts to bring
Bin Laden to justice in a short time. Had President Bush taken out Bin Laden, there would have been calls to carved his likeness into Mount Rushmore.
President Obama has not been given the credit he deserves.

If America change horses in the middle of the stream, the drums of war will sound again and our sons and daughters will be sent on the front lines again.
WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT. If America change horses in the middle of the stream, 47 percent of the population will catch real hell. WE CANNOT AFFORD THAT.

What we can afford is keeping a tried and true horseman. A tried and true rider. In spite of the negativity and those who will never give this president
credit, I feel an excitement about this election taking root in Philadelphia and across the country. And with this excitement, president Obama will be
reelected in a landslide victory. Mark my words—it will be a landslide. Therefore it is our delight today to to declare our unflinching and unequivocal
support for President Barack Obama for a second term.

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