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23 Dec 2012

‘The Good Life’– Hip Hop/Rap artist Trip Lee redefines the ultimate and satisfying life

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The current roster of popular hip-hop/rap artists includes Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj. Even with worldwide success the controversy over rap music continues as many believe hip-hop/rap music glorifies violence, sex, money, profanity and creates stereotypes in the black community with young and impressionable listeners.


But 24-year old hip-hop artist William Lee Barefield III, better known as “Trip Lee,” believes this generation continues to be deceived and misled in the belief that happiness can be obtained at any cost and these pursuits leave many disillusioned with temporary satisfaction.


What separates Trip from his peers that promote a current worldview of materialism or self- centered pursuits in the hip-hop/rap community is his mature, faith-centered perspective on life. At 14 years-old. Trip changed his focus in music from fortune, fame and women to pursing lasting freedom by living out the Christian faith and applying God’s Word to his life.


Trip first gained recognition after appearing on the Reach Records website at the age of 16 and soon after he released several albums that received industry recognition on te Billboard charts and a Stellar Award for Best Gospel Rap/Hip-Hop Album. Even with these career accolades, Trip remains humbled and focused on pursuing the blessings of life from a “good God.”


In his debut book, The Good Life (Moody Publishers), based on his recent music CD of the same name. Trip offers a fresh perspective reminding that our life does not belong to us and we are called to experience everlasting freedom and joy through the will of our Creator.



“The good life doesn’t mean we get everything we want. It’s not about the wealth, climbing the corporate ladder or a life free from responsibility. It doesn’t mean we live whatever way feels best for us,” says Trip. “The good life is living how we were created to live, in sync with God and embracing all that He has to offer us in Christ.”


In The Good Life, Trip also shares his thoughts on a diversity of topics including God’s good will for all people, pursuing the good life, what should be expected from the good life, the role of the Church and the Word in the good life, and eternal treasures for those seeking the call of our faith. Trip also shares his perspective on relevant subjects that include:


  • Breaking free from worldview lies that have created “robots” and distracted us from attaining the good life
  • The influence of hip-hop music and it’s lyrics on young people and our culture
  • Revealing the positive messages in Christian hip-hop/rap music
  • The role of the Church and God’s Word in pursuing the good life


Though still in his twenties, Trip uses wisdom beyond his years to share his perspective from his own life that has helped him focus on what matters most to him.


“I used to listen to the world and the flesh and did what I was told- and I tried to achieve their goals like I was their robot,” says Trip. “Although the road was not easy, I’ve broken free of living for myself and decided to follow after my Creator and live in light of what’s truly part of the good life.”

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