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26 May 2013

The Urban Suburban Film Festival returns to Philadelphia, June 27-29

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“It’s all about the film”. The Urban Suburban Film Festival (USFF) announces the return of the renowned festival to Philadelphia’s City Line corridor for three days of select film screenings, exclusive filmmaking workshops, & insightful panel discussions with industry leaders from Friday, June 27, 2013 through Sunday, June 29, 2013.


Designed to unite emerging artists, filmmakers, industry leaders, movie aficionados, and the community, the Urban Suburban 


Film Festival “is truly a international event, with all invited to participate” said Festival Co-Founder & Chief Executive George Clifford Blackmon.  Below is the Schedule of Events:


Thursday, June 27th, 2013 @ The College of Physicians of Philadelphia (22nd near Market Street) 


A collaboration between The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and the Urban Suburban Film Festival will unveil the screening of College of Physicians’ documentary “The AIDS Chronicles – Here to Represent” on June 27th, followed by a panel discussion. 


The full-length feature focuses on the social and cultural impact of HIV/AIDS on the African American community of Atlanta, GA, and offers insight regarding why the disease is still a major threat to black communities nationwide.


Watch for further details and come out to support this very important film! RSVP via


Friday, June 28th, 2013 @ African American Museum Of Philadelphia


Sucka 4 Luv –World Premiere @ 5th Annual Urban Suburban Film Festival and sponsored by Bahamas TV & Film Commission.  Join us at our annual film screening starring Will “SPANK” Horton as “Christopher” and directed by Patrick Pierre. Chris attempts to propose to his longtime girlfriend Sharon when he’s confronted with an ultimatum in the form of a test of his love. Sharon challenges Chris’s inability to control his temper by putting him through an experiment that tests the hypothesis of whether a man can overcome his weaknesses in order to receive a long lasting love. 


As the world continues to recognize Philadelphia as a “creative center” for film talent, production, and presentation, the Bahamas TV & Film Commission is pleased to announce that they will host a special evening cocktail reception & film screening at the African American Museum in Philadelphia on Friday, June 28, 2013 @ 7:30pm 


“We in the Bahamas Film & Television Commission are entirely grateful for your continued support of our location” said Craig A. Woods, Bahamas Film Commissioner. “We have seen an upswing in productions coming from our core markets in the United States, as production designers, producers, and directors are looking for the perfect setting to shoot their next feature film, TV commercial, or music video”


This special, invitation-only event continues a close collaboration between the USFF and the Grand Island Nation.  Food provided by Eatible Delights. 


Please register for this wonderful film starring Will “SPANK” Horton as “Christopher” and directed by Patrick Pierre @


Saturday, June 29th, 2013 @ the Crowne Plaza City Avenue – Philadelphia 


Kellie R. Griffin, the creative writing force behind 100 plus episodes of Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” and the creator of BET’s Reed Between the Lines offers a unique 2 day scriptwriting class. Kellie will explore the details of why you want to be a writer and offer assistance as you embark upon this journey to enhance your skills as a writer. We will cover the following:

• Structure, Structure, Structure


Without good structure your idea will fall flat –explore how to make a script’s structure work for your project. 

• Group Workshop 1


In groups you’ll put your structuring skills into practice by re-structuring a storyline. 

• Whose story is it?


How to create truly believable, three-dimensional characters? 

• Say what?


How to write dialogue and how to tailor fit this to a specific voice? 

• Group Workshop 2


In groups you’ll put your dialogue writing and characterization skills into practice 


See for more details. Please email [email protected] for more specifics.


Saturday, June 29th, 2013 @ Clef Club on the Avenue of the Arts


How’s this for a line up at the 5th Annual Urban Suburban Film Festival….


One Film Festival, Two Films and a whole lot more…Come see two amazing flicks at the Clef Club located on the Avenue of the Arts. 


First, we will be screening “The …Male Room”. When you enter the Male Room, there’re some things you just don’t do!! “


Comedy. Six men come into the men’s room at different times, and violate the code of the bathroom.” Starring comedian Tony Woods, Luis Perez and John Suber Directed by Andrew Wesley Harmon with supporting actors Keith Forsey and Mike Pender among other. The REEL actions starts at 7:30pm


Second, we will be treated to some serious laughter featuring two serious comedians “Marina Franklin and Justine Marino”. Two comedians, two times the laughter.


Finally, we will be screening “3 Women” Directed by Angelique Marshall. 3 Women is the story of three successful women who forge a tight bond of friendship at college that last deep into their professional and family lives. While Corrine, Dominique and Kai exhibit normal morally clean lifestyles they fulfill their secret desires and fantasies in a hidden and secret world.


Sponsored by Urban Suburban Film Festival, Bahamas TV & Film Commission and Urban Suburban Magazine More


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