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31 Dec 2020

The Big Wild Dare for Women

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December 31, 2020 Category: Local Posted by:

   By Andrea Lawful Sanders

“I know what it is like to get stuck.  Even as a 2-time cancer survivor and 8-time Emmy winner, I found myself stuck during the last recession. That is when I went on a journey of doing something new every day for a year; a journey that changed my life.”

 Those are the words of Lu Ann Cahn, author of the “I Dare Me” book that has inspired women around the world, including yours truly. Like many of you, I would watch as Cahn took to the airwaves at NBC10 for years as an investigative reporter and was intrigued when she began that full year of daring herself to do something different every day after finding herself in a rut of sorts. 

At the end of 2014, as she was launching the book, Cahn decided to do an “I Dare Me” tour for 30 days and I was fortunate to join her on that last leg, where we threw caution to the wind and dared ourselves!

On January 10, 2021, Cahn will be hosting the “The Big Wild Dare for Women Workshop.” I asked her why she created this event.

 “Well, most of us feel 2020 kicked us in the rear end,and I think it has been particularly hard on women, who also tend to be caretakers of everyone —children, family, friends, bosses, coworkers, employees — often putting everybody else in front of themselves,” Cahn said.

“We all need an extra dose of positive motivation right now, not just to “hang in there,” but to tap into the best part of ourselves, to remember how to “do the new,” face our fears and say “yes” to this adventure we call life and to not get “stuck.” 

The Big Wild Dare for Women Workshop presenters: From left; Karen Best, Lu Ann Cahn, Jill Sherer Murray, Alexa Houser, and Andrea Lawful Sanders.

“So, I called upon some of my most inspirational speaker friends to create the kind of virtual event that I know would inspire me, right?” Cahn continued.  “And I asked sponsors that I know invest in women, like the Philadelphia Sunday SUN, to help make sure everyone gets a package of books and goodies in addition to three hours of pure interactive joy and fun with other women. We are going to move together and lift each other up and start this new year with some positive intention and action.”

Please click the link below to purchase tickets for what promises to be a transformational event!

Be one of 50 women to summon your “inner diva” in creating your most daring plan yet, with the help of our inspiring speakers who know what it means to be bold. Turn your thoughts into action with a live inspirational workout for all levels and a healing technique to process stuck emotions.

Bring someone with you. A “dare” is even better together. This the perfect experiential gift for your friend, partner, sister, co-worker, mom, mentor, or any woman in your life who needs a motivational kick in the butt to be positively courageous and audacious in the new year.

Ticket includes:

A gift package delivered by New Year’s Eve!

• Signed copies of  “Big Wild Love, I Dare Me” and “A Lawful Truth” ($60 dollar value)

• 2 free workout vouchers ($36.00 value)

• Discount coupon for one EFT private session ($50.00 value)

3-hour Live, Interactive Virtual workshop with:

Lu Ann Cahn

Lu Ann Cahn: Eight-time Emmy-winning journalist, TedX speaker and author of “I Dare Me”

• Take steps to face your fears, say “yes”, and embrace a “do the new” attitude to create the life you want despite challenging times.

Karen Best

Betsy Cast: Inspirational health & wellness trainer

• Put your daring intentions into motion with a good sweat…and one of the most inspirational, sought-after, health and wellness trainers in the Delaware Valley.

Alexa Houser

Alexa Houser: Certified EFT practitioner, “InnerBloom” podcast host, business coach

• Learn how to “tap” your fear and anxiety away and reprogram your mindset so you can move into 2021 fully empowered and embodied.

Jill Sherer Murray

Jill Sherer Murray: TEDx speaker, and award-winning journalist and author of “Big Wild Love: The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go”

• Dare to let go of what’s not serving you to embrace your best life; gain insights into why you’re holding on, and how to let go successfully.

Andrea Lawful Sanders

Andrea Lawful Sanders: WURD host, Philadelphia Sunday SUN columnist, educational consultant, author of  “A Lawful Truth”

• Dare your inner diva! Use her divine energy to step into your power and own the room when it matters most.

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