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23 Sep 2016

SUN Spotlight: Danielle P. Jeter, 4th Annual Women in Media Conference

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ABOVE PHOTO:  From left Syreeta Martin, Jeter, Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown

By Monica Peters 

Mt. Airy native Danielle P. Jeter, owner of AOI Events & PR and multiple businesses, is a renaissance woman and pure inspiration.  We shine the spotlight on Danielle to discuss the upcoming event: The 4th Annual Women in Media Conference presented by Women in Media Philly. 


This year’s conference theme has a global focus: “Women in Media: Crossing Borders.”

The full- day conference, taking place on Saturday, September 24 at The View on 800 N. Broad St., offers workshops, panels and a keynote address by NBC 10’s Tracy Davidson.

The SUN chatted with Jeter about the highly anticipated conference.

MP: What inspired you to organize an annual Women in Media conference?

DPJ: I attended a screening four years ago during women’s month in March. The producers were young men. The film was about Philadelphia’s art scene. When I saw the film, I was disappointed because I enjoy art and film. We have a dynamic, vibrant art scene in Philadelphia but that was not depicted well in the film because women were not in that film. It was a 45-minute to an hour screening. Out of all the people they profiled, they only profiled one woman in entertainment.  I really felt some kind of way about that. They were talking about how they were going to shop the film at festivals around the world. But, it just wasn’t a true depiction. I was looking around the room and wondered if I was the only person who recognized something was wrong with this picture. And, it was Women’s Month so I felt double disrespected. It drove me to want to take action and do something. I wanted to be sure we had an event or platform that encouraged women to share their voices and to raise their voices.  And, to make sure we are being responsible and we have a seat at the table—but not only making sure opportunities are available for yourself but for other women.  I called Syreeta Martin []. She loved the idea.  She suggested that we call Haniyyah Sharpe-Brown [On Point Communications] and she loved it.  Martin and Sharpe-Brown co-organized the event.

Danielle P. Jeter

Danielle P. Jeter

MP:  Is your event targeted to women of color in media or all women in the profession?

DPJ: This event is definitely for women of all demographics. It’s diverse by age, ethnicity and by profession. We have seasoned professionals, mid-professionals, young professionals to students, even people who are aspiring to enter the industry.

MP: Tell us about your theme Women in Media Crossing Borders?

DPJ: This year we are empowering women to think lead and report with a global mindset and storytelling.  A global media organization did research on 59 countries and more than half of those countries they saw glass ceilings for women in media where opportunities for them to matriculate and move forward in leadership, ownership production was limited. There’s still need to talk about women having equal opportunities when it comes to the media field.  This has nothing to do with color, it’s gender. White women don’t make the same money as White men and so forth and so on.  So with our theme this year, we are talking about these issues and encouraging women to not only lead, but also think about this as a global concern. It’s a global economy in the 21st century.  We have to be responsible to think about our brand and our professions and how we want to impact the world.

The 4th Annual Women in Media Conference will be held, Sat. Sep. 24, 9 AMto 4 PM at The View 800 N. Broad St.  For more information or to purchase tickets go to

The SUN will follow-up with a more in-depth interview with Danielle and her other projects in a future issue.

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