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16 Jan 2011

Solar Flares: Working together to buy electricity cheaper and saving the planet

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January 16, 2011 Category: Local Posted by:

Dear Philadelphia SUN Editor:


After January 1st I recommend that all electricity customers switch from PECO to the Energy Cooperative Association of PA for the generation of your electricity. The distribution and transmission of the electricity to your home will still be the monopoly of Peco and thus regulated by the PA Utility Commission; however, the generation of the electricity is now being done by many providers and you can shop around for the best price and the least harmful method of generation.


I chose the Energy Cooperative Association of PA’S “green” electricity because the price is lower than PECO’s and it is better for our environment. In addition, the customers are the owners of the Energy Cooperative Association of PA. Like our credit unions, housing cooperatives and the Weavers Way Food Co-op, the Energy Cooperative Association of PA is customer owned. It’s incentive is to keep the price low and the product environmentally safe. Every other electricity supplier wants to raise the prices to satisfy owners and shareholders, not you.


When, more people buy their electricity through the Energy Cooperative Association of PA, we will reach a critical mass of customers and be able to command even lower prices than now for “green” electricity and regular (dirty) electricity. “Green” electricity is generated through a sustainable method of generation that is less harmful to the environment, such as wind or solar, or burning landfill methane gas.


You can sign up to have the Energy Cooperative Association of PA be your electricity supplier over the Internet at or call them at 1-800-223-5783. They have an office right here in Philadelphia at 1520 Walnut Street, Suite 2100, Philadelphia Pa. 19102 and their price of generation is locked in for one year, and there is no cancellation fee.


They offer a renewable energy option, which is their “green” or sustainably generated electricity. You must pay $15 per year to belong to the Energy Cooperative Association of PA, the savings and the “greening” of the industry is well worth it. The average residential customer will save $50 per year compared to PECO’s price. By the way Peco’s price is only locked in until March 3rd, after which it may rise. The Energy Cooperative Association’s price is locked in for one year, after which it may go down, because the co-op is buying electricity in bulk.



You can see all the electricity suppliers and their prices at the Public Utility Commission website at


Greg Paulmier

Democratic Party Candidate

8th Council District


[email protected]

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