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28 Oct 2016

James Jones – Candidate for PA 2nd Congressional District

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Running as “ the change we need, the voice we deserve.”

By Amy V. Simmons

Business owner, consultant, educator and Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s 2nd District James Jones — a native of Luxora, Arkansas — has been a Philadelphia resident for nearly two decades. His life’s focus has always been on service – from his enlistment in the U.S. Navy’s Brother Duty Program during the Vietnam War as a young man, through service in Beirut and the First Gulf War, to the present day as a passionate community volunteer.

Jones supports local grassroots programs that address crucial social issues, assist college-bound youth, and that encourage mentoring and literacy programs.

In the business world, Jones has had extensive national and international experience. His scope of work has included handling immigration issues, employment law, labor & management, security and strategic planning, among many other things.

His dedication to community and country, coupled with years of experience in the corporate and private business sector is front and center in his campaign for US Representative for Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District. He hopes to make a difference as a US Representative within a reasonable time frame. He does not believe one need be a career politician to achieve their stated goals.

“I’m not a politician. I’m a statesman. I believe in term limits, which I would have no problem enforcing for myself – three to four terms tops,” Jones explained.

The 2016 Presidential Campaign has been a confusing spectacle for Jones — and many others — to witness.

“The campaign has been a farce, because we’re got two candidates that are not the best of the best on both sides. Clinton has so many integrity issues; if she were a Black woman, she would have been treated differently [regarding Benghazi, email server issues,etc.].  Trump is a harsh, inconsiderate business mogul who is running very hard. We cannot identify who can lead us regarding jobs, security, and economic issues.”

Jones acknowledges Clinton’s years of experience, but he has serious misgivings about her as President, especially where it concerns national security.

“We have one that panders [Clinton] and one who shares whatever his heart desires. [However]as a vet, I lean toward Trump. Hillary Clinton had a chance to make a 3 AM phone call[ during the Benghazi terrorist attack] — she failed. It is a hard decision; I’m not a “Trump Republican.”

As a veteran himself, Jones has a strong sense of comradery and respect for those who currently serve and his fellow veterans. He is the grandson son of a World War I veteran, and son of a World War II veteran. He is determined to make sure that they receive all the benefits they have earned, including job training and access to quality health care.

He is concerned with the effect mass incarceration has had, especially on the African American community. He would like to see the existing criminal justice system completely overhauled. He states that despite a drop in crimes and arrests, the number of judicial proceedings in Pennsylvania has climbed by 13 percent. Property and drug offenses make up the majority of sentencing in Pennsylvania. Recidivism rates are not calculated and reported for 75 percent of Pennsylvania’s supervised and incarcerated population. He is interested in creating policies that would allow corrections officials to focus on their mission of delivering programs, education and job training to inmates, which will reduce recidivism and crime.

Community safety and quality of life issues are of the utmost importance to Jones. He has proposed a program called the Project 414 Street Security Patrol. Project 414, when instituted in the Philadelphia area, would help prevent murder and other forms of violence, while also creating a climate for new investments.

The patrol would function in the style of the Guardian Angels, creating a recognizable presence on each block. A coalition of parents, friends and neighbors would be connected to the local police department to facilitate rapid responses to problems in each area via radio.

Jones is committed to investment in Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).  He believes that as stalwart institutions in the African American community since 1837, HBCUs have a proven track record of successfully educating African American students — especially those with limited financial resources — and deserve equal and consistent federal, state, and private resources.

To learn more about James Jones, and his positions on these issues and more, please visit his website at:

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