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6 May 2019

From Philly Fashion Week to British Vogue, local model Bria Bryant goes international

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Above photo: Philly model Bria Bryant. Credit: Danna’s Photography

By Monica Peters

Fashion model Bria Bryant is making her mark in the fashion world.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Bryant’s talents have placed her on runways and print magazines locally and nationally.

She was featured in the May 2019 issue of British Vogue modeling for designer Mariah Lynn and recently walked the runway for Brooklyn Fashion Week.

18-year-old Bryant from the West Oak Lane section of the city talks to The SUN about being in the fashion industry.

SUN: When did you get your “big break” in the modeling industry?

BB: When I did Philly Fashion Week, that was my first ever audition. I was 15 -years-old.  I had many designers pick me. That show helped me a whole lot, getting connected with people in the industry.  I got to work with designer Renee Hill. She was the first-ever designer to pick me to model their clothes.

Philly model Bria Bryant got her start at Philly Fashion Week. Credit: Markel Serraj

SUN: What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion? Is modeling now your full-time profession?

BB: After I was 18, it became full time.  I’m also a fashion illustration model. Ever since I was little, my mom always had magazines. I would look at the models and be like, “I want to do that.” What gave me a passion for it even more is that I’m also a dancer.  That is also what inspired me because I love the movement and trying to pose in the photos.

SUN: Do you feel any pressure being in the fashion industry?

BB: There is a lot of pressure at times in this industry to fit the image that everyone wants to see.  I realize that I love it (being in the business). Everyone has their destiny. It’s all going to eventually work out.  You just have to be strong in this industry. As far as Black models being accepted in the industry, there is still a lot that needs to be learned about diversity–that we just don’t come from one place. We come from many places in the world.

SUN: Who has mentored your career along your journey in the fashion world?

BB: The Made Institute. They have helped me get so many opportunities in Philadelphia and meeting designers.  I’ve had the opportunity to do lookbook photoshoots and fashion shows for the graduates class. Also along the way have met many great designers and photographers. Currently, with the Made Institute I’m a figure model posing for their fashion illustration classes.

SUN: Who are some fashion models that you admire?

BB: Naomi Campbell and Coco Rocha. I look up to Naomi Campbell because of her way to just grasp a crowd with her walk. She has so much elegance and power when she hits the runway. Also, I  really love her fight for more diversity in the industry. Coco has shown me to be more playful in front of the camera, to really express every pose and to feel as if every garment has a story or character that is being portrayed.

SUN: What advice would you give to aspiring models?

BB: Go ahead and do it. And, make sure you are strong enough to handle the business.  Having a personality, being friendly and not being shy in front of the camera. *Also, when setting up a meeting with photographers or agents, make sure to do your research and bring someone with you if you feel uncomfortable.

SUN: What are your future endeavors?

BB: I hope to get into an agency and get a manager.

Philadelphia model Bria Bryant: Credit: Markel Serraj
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