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20 Oct 2013

Art Sisters: A collaborative gallery debuts at Urban Art Gallery in Philadelphia

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October 20, 2013 Category: Local Posted by:

By Kiarra Solomon 



On Saturday, October 12th, local artists, Ameerah K, Shanina Dionna, and Nebulus Flair, debuted their collaborative exhibition ‘Art Sisters’. The one night only exhibit, which was held at the Urban Art Gallery in West Philadelphia, celebrates sisterhood in the Art community.


The show featured both individual and collaborative pieces from the ladies all of which expressed and explored, sometimes in abstract form, sisterhood and womanhood. 



But more than an exploration of the beauty of women, the creation of the pieces for the exhibit allowed the women to explore themselves, and to develop a closer bond, to become Sisters.


The idea for the collaborative exhibit started from a tweet. The ladies developed a mutual respect for one another’s style after meeting at each other’s exhibits and “the energy to support one another was already there”, says Ameerah K.  “We’re all women, and it’s important that we show our support for one another”, she says. “Because we do the same thing people expect us to be in competition with each other. We thought what better way to prove to everyone that that’s not the case than to be in the same room, supporting one another and loving one another”. 


And that love is exactly what was achieved. Often called the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, Urban Art Gallery was full of energy of love and support, both the artists’ love and support of one another; and their friends, families, and acquaintances’ love and support of their craft.


The debut of the exhibit was widely successful, a testament to the ladies love and passion for their craft. “It’s important to protect your focus, and to protect your art, and to prevent others from influencing your art and your craft. And I think essentially that’s what help create Art Sisters, that we stayed true to the why we did this which was to support each other and to love each other without remorse”, said Shanina. 


Nebulus Flair, the youngest of the trio expressed similar sentiments about her Art Sisters “ I really look up to these ladies. I feel so comfortable in the space we created. All of these pieces express who we are. I’m proud of that.”


While the exhibit was only on display for the one night at the Urban Art Gallery, all of the pieces are for sale through the artist. Paintings from Art Sisters will also be on display on Friday, November 1st, at the African American Museum. 


Additionally, the ladies each have their own individual art exhibitions over the coming months. Those events include: a Burlesque show that Nebulus Flair will be painting at in New York next month,  Illadelph, a tribute exhibit to Philadelphia by Ameerah coming in early 2014, and Shanina’s annual exhibit ‘Embryo’ in March, a testimonial exhibit that displays the things that she’s experienced in the nine months prior to the event. 


However, it does seem that Art Sisters, and the celebration of womanhood and sisterhood was so well received that Ameerah, Shanina and Nebulus Flair may be working together much sooner than they think. They are already receiving invitations from galleries in the Philadelphia area to display their labor of love for one another. 


For more information about artwork or upcoming shows you can reach each of the artists at the following: Ameerah K.  [email protected]  Twitter: @AmeerahKArt;  Shanina Dionna  [email protected] Twitter: @ShaninaDionna;  Nebulus Flair [email protected] Twitter: @NebulusFlair


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