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25 Feb 2022

SUNscopes for the week of February 27, 2022

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All Signs: Get dressed because this week begins with pep and vigour! By Wednesday, Mercury will be lined up with Saturn on the same day of the New Moon. Holy Lunation! This is good news. It will create a promising and positive energy for everyone and be the perfect time to set goals for the upcoming year, especially goals about how to be a better person and improve the world around you. Who can deny that positive thinking inspires effort, which in turn, brings results? The weekend will be friendly and social. In fact, by Sunday, romance is passionate and dazzling! Think Tolstoy’s War and Peace: “We are asleep until we fall in love!” Or Cinderella, “A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.”

Aries (March 21-April 19)  

A discussion with a friend who is older or more experienced might be helpful for you this week. In particular, it might inspire you to be more specific about your long-term goals. (Goals are the secret to getting things done.) Meanwhile, you make a fabulous impression on bosses, parents and VIPs this week. In fact, you make such a great impression – some of you might strike up a romance with a boss. Please note, the New Moon this week is taking place in a hidden part of your chart, which will promote self-scrutiny and a desire to get in touch with your deeper motives. “Who am I really?” Because you’re a courageous person, you’re not afraid to discover what makes you tick. 

Taurus (April 20-May 20) 

This week discussions with parents, bosses and anyone in authority (including the police) will be very serious and to the point. You might discuss legal matters, restrictions or the boundaries of a certain situation. You might seek approval or permission for something. One thing is certain, your discussion will be precise, clear and well thought out. Meanwhile, this is also a fantastic time to travel and “get away from all this!” You want to do whatever you can to broaden your horizons and enjoy the thrill of discovery and adventure. It’s a great week to study, learn and begin new writing projects. Romance with someone from another culture might blossom. Take time midweek to make future goals because they will make future decision-making easier and keep you on track. 

Gemini (May 21-June 20) 

This is the perfect week to study or finish an important paper or manuscript. A teacher or guru figure might impress you. You also have the patience and attention to detail to make intricate travel plans. Meanwhile, keep your pockets open because gifts, goodies and favours from others will come your way! In fact, take note: This is a great week to ask for a loan or mortgage because doors will easily open for you. Meanwhile, the New Moon this week occurs at the top of your chart – something that happens only once a year. This means this is the perfect time to ponder your life direction and ask yourself if you’re headed where you really want to go. Sometimes we just drift, even for years. It’s smart to take the helm. (Ya think?)

Cancer (June 21-July 22) 

You will make amazing strides this week with inheritances, wills, taxes, debt or anything to do with shared property. This includes getting money from the government. You won’t overlook anything. You will do your homework, which means you will be prepared. Meanwhile, relations with partners and close friends are delightful! These relationships will be warm, passionate and very involved in a caring way. Naturally, intimate relations will be memorable. (Be still my beating heart.) Take advantage of the New Moon and define goals for future travel, publishing and anything to do with the media, medicine and the law. “Make a plan, Stan!”

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) 

Your closest relationships will take on a serious tone this week. (Some will have to say goodbye to someone.) You might feel guarded in your communication with someone close to you because it feels best to say nothing. You might be right. Fortunately, relations with coworkers and anything to do with your work will flow smoothly. People will be supportive. In fact, some relationships will be so cozy that a work-related romance might begin. Remember to take advantage of the New Moon this week, which gives you a chance to make resolutions about shared property, wills, inheritances and anything you share jointly with others. Be precise. Do your homework. Get this done.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) 

Although this is a positive week; nevertheless, your ruler Mercury is lined up with stern Saturn, which will make you cautious and careful; but your critical faculty will be sharp. However, you might be inclined to concentrate on flaws rather than positive traits. Be aware of this. (Everyone hates criticism; everyone loves praise.) Fortunately, with fair Venus opposite your sign, your closest relationships are warm and supportive. In fact, romance will be hot and sexy! The New Moon this week is opposite your sign, which means it’s your best chance all year to see how to improve your closest friendships, partnerships and even your relations with members of the public.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) 

This is a solid week for serious discussions about the care and education of your kids. Likewise, you might tackle a myriad of details related to planning a vacation or a creative, artistic event. If so, you will do this very well. You will also be pleased to tweak your digs and tackle redecorating projects or something so that you feel you’ve made a big improvement to where you live. You might begin by getting rid of what you don’t need. “Go! And never darken my towels again!” (Groucho Marx was a Libran.) The most important thing to know is that the New Moon this week is your chance to make resolutions about how to be more efficient, work harder and get the best results for your efforts. Yeah!

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) 

Family discussions will be serious this week. Perhaps an older family member or a parent will be involved. You might say farewell to someone who is leaving. Admittedly, communications with others are difficult because it’s easy to be judgmental and find fault. Remember to be kind. The Dalai Lama said, “Kindness is the most important thing.” Ironically, relations with siblings, relatives and daily contacts are excellent. You will enjoy a warm, camaraderie with others and appreciate the beauty of your daily surroundings. The New Moon this week offers you a chance to make resolutions about sports, how you relate to your kids, and how you balance work and play.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) 

This week your mind is sharp and brilliant. You will discern details, concepts and weigh the pros and cons of something. Naturally, this could lead to a serious discussion with someone. Fortunately, your finances look good. You can attract money to you, plus you will work hard to boost your earnings as well. In fact, you will use what you own to improve your life. Do be aware that this New Moon is your best opportunity of the entire year to make resolutions about where you live, your home and your relations with family members. What can you do so to be happier about your home? What can you do to improve relations with family members?

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) 

You will make excellent financial decisions because you won’t overlook anything this week. Admittedly, you might get bogged down in details and miss the big picture. But you will not be fooled by the prevalent practice of: “What the big print giveth, the small print taketh away.” Meanwhile, relations with others will be incisive, bold, direct and yet, charming, warm and wonderful. (Sounds like a health tonic.) Enjoy physical exercise this week. Make use of the New Moon, which offers you a chance to make resolutions about your style of communications. Are you a good communicator? Do you listen? Can you hear me now?

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) 

This week Mercury and Saturn are lined up in your sign. The upside is it gives you great intellectual precision. You will excel doing any work that requires precision of thought and planning because your critical faculty will be sharp. This is the perfect week to edit challenging writing. However, you might be critical of others and succumb to negative thinking. Fortunately, down deep you’re happy and confident in your own skin. This will save you. Meanwhile, make use of the New Moon that occurs this week because it is your best chance all year to make resolutions about how to take care of your possessions, and also how to boost your earnings. Ka-ching!

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) 

Your ability to do research this week is fabulous! Your mind is focused and sharp. You won’t overlook details. Furthermore, you will be persevering. You’ll be like a dog with a bone. Relations with friends and groups will be warm and friendly. Some kind of competition will be an upbeat diversion for many of you. However, the main thing to know is that once a year, there is a New Moon in your sign and this occurs this week! That means this is your best chance to make resolutions about how to create a better impression on your world. How can you improve your appearance? How can you improve your relations with others?

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