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5 May 2013

Sixty Temple Physicians named “Top Doctors” by Philadelphia Magazine

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Sixty (60) Temple physicians have been named to Philadelphia magazine’s annual “Top Doctors” list. Nominated by their professional peers, the physicians on
the list practice at Temple University Hospital, Fox Chase Cancer Center and Jeanes Hospital.

“We are proud of the 60 physicians named to Philadelphia magazine’s ‘Top Doctors’ list this year,” said Larry R. Kaiser, MD, FACS, President and CEO of
Temple University Health System and Dean of Temple University School of Medicine. “The listed physicians, who represent more than two dozen specialty
areas, provide some of the most innovative treatments and therapies available to patients today,” he added. “Together with their healthcare teams, they are
bringing patient-care to a new level of excellence.”

The Temple “Top Docs” cover a vast array of specialty services offered at Temple – including Cardiovascular Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Medical Oncology,
Gynecologic Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Neurological Surgery, Hand Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery,
Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Otolaryngology, Hematology,
Infectious Disease, Diagnostic Radiology, Vascular & Interventional Radiology, Neuroradiology, Interventional Cardiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology,
Pediatrics, Hospice & Palliative Medicine, Pain Medicine, and Pathology.

A list of the Temple “Top Doctors” is below.

S. Ausim Azizi, MD, PhD – Neurology

Marcia C. Boraas, MD – Surgery

Michael E. Bromberg, MD, PhD – Medical Oncology

Robert A. Burger, MD – Gynecologic Oncology

Ashwin J. Chatwani, MD – Obstetrics & Gynecology


David Y. T. Chen, MD – Urology

Eric T. Choi, MD – Vascular Surgery

Marcin A. Chwistek, MD – Pain Medicine

Gary S. Cohen, MD – Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Howard A. Cohen, MD – Interventional Cardiology

Gerard J. Criner, MD, FACP, FACCP – Pulmonary Disease

Paul G. Curcillo, MD –Surgery

Gilbert D’Alonzo, DO – Pulmonary Disease

Mary B. Daly, MD – Medical Oncology

Hormoz Ehya, MD – Pathology

Scott H. Faro, MD – Neuroradiology

Paul R. Forfia, MD – Cardiovascular Disease

Amy J. Goldberg, MD, FACS – Surgery

Lori J. Goldstein, MD – Medical Oncology

Richard E. Greenberg, MD – Urology

T. Sloane Guy, MD, MBA – Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Oleh Haluszka, MD – Gastroenterology

Sean P. Harbison, MD, FACS – Surgery

Shelley B. Hayes, MD – Radiation Oncology

Enrique Hernandez, MD – Gynecologic Oncology

John P. Hoffman, MD – Surgery

Eric M. Horwitz, MD – Radiation Oncology

Gary R. Hudes, MD – Medical Oncology

Lawrence I. Kaplan, MD, FACP – Internal Medicine

Paul S. Karlin, DO – Pulmonary Disease

Earl D. King, MD – Pulmonary Disease

Stephanie A. King, MD – Gynecologic Oncology

Miriam N. Lango, MD – Otolaryngology

Douglas W. Laske, MD – Neurological Surgery

Michael H. Levy, MD, PhD – Hospice & Palliative Medicine

Bennett Lorber, MD, MACP – Infectious Disease

Kenneth F. Mangan, MD, FACP – Hematology

Barton N. Milestone, MD – Diagnostic Radiology

Michael M. Millenson, MD – Hematology

Curtis T. Miyamoto, MD – Radiation Oncology

Mark A. Morgan, MD, FACOG, FACS – Gynecologic Oncology

Beth Moughan, MD – Pediatrics

Rosaleen B. Parsons, MD – Diagnostic Radiology

Arthur S. Patchefsky, MD – Pathology

Michel A. Pontari, MD – Urology

William R. Reinus, MD, MBA, FACR – Diagnostic Radiology

John (Drew) A. Ridge, MD, PhD, FACS – Surgery

Andrew B. Roberts, MD – Vascular Surgery

Walter J. Scott, MD, FACS – Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Elin R. Sigurdson, MD, PhD, FACS – Surgery

Ahmed M. Soliman, MD – Otolaryngology

Ellen M. Tedaldi, MD – Internal Medicine

Joseph J. Thoder, MD – Hand Surgery

Neal S. Topham, MD, FACS – Plastic Surgery

Michael Unger, MD, FACP, FCCP – Pulmonary Disease

Robert G. Uzzo, MD, FACS – Urology

Margaret von Mehren, MD – Medical Oncology

David S. Weinberg, MD, MSc – Gastroenterology

Michael M. Weinik, DO – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

F. Todd Wetzel, MD – Orthopaedic Surgery

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