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17 May 2013

Fitness Expert Jordan Jackson of Forever Fit Inc. gives advice on getting ready for bikini season

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By Kiarra Solomon

With Spring finally upon us, now’s the time to evaluate those New Year’s Resolutions to get slim and trim or to make healthy lifestyle changes. Are you
totally proud of yourselves for your progress, or trying to figure out what to do to get back on track in time for summer? Are you trying to figure out
what you can do to I stay on track or how what you can do to get back on track?

Either way, summer will soon be here and if you’re anything like me you’re worried about looking GREAT for bikini season. So, I reached out Personal
trainer, fitness expert and founder of Forever Fit Inc. Jordan Jackson for a few simple tips we can all incorporate to make sure we lose the pounds, shape
and tone or keep it tight.

Kiarra Solomon: What are some easy simple workouts that anyone can incorporate, even if they have a busy schedule?

Jordan Jackson: There are three exercises I live by: Burpees (for cardio), Mountain Climbers and High Knees. Pushups and Squats are also great for
strength. Those few exercises, with some variations can go a long way in your personal workout.

KS: What’s one of the biggest misconception people have about implementing a fitness plan?

JJ: People underestimate eating right. A lot of people have this notion they can eat whatever they want and just go to the gym. Eating right is the
biggest part of any exercise plan. You have to learn how to “eat clean”. That just means cutting certain things like out heavy sauces, creams and
dressings, but the food you eat doesn’t have to be dry. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Steamed vegetables are great and most people don’t eat enough.
I think typically people know what they should be eating they just don’t do it. And if you are going to make changes to your fitness plan you have to
make changes in the things you eat. One thing I do for myself is on the first of every month I eat something I like. That’s my cheat day. You can allow
yourself a cheat day once a week or once a month to eat what you want, just as long as it is doesn’t become a habit.

KS: What if I don’t want to lose weight I just want to tone.


JJ: There is a huge misconception that women have that if they workout they will get bulky, especially if they lift weights. Women can lift lighter
weights and do more reps if they are afraid of bulking up, but women won’t grow like men because they don’t have as much testosterone as men. I tell
women all the time do not be afraid of lifting, lifting is how you tone.

KS: Why do you think some achieve great success in their fitness plans and some don’t?

JJ: Results don’t come overnight, with anything you do there has to be consistence. If you are consistently going to the gym and working out, just
continue doing what you’ve been doing, you will see results. You have to consistently go after what you want. If you’re overweight you will usually
lose weight quickly if you are exercising regularly. But you have to determine how bad you want it and work consistently to accomplish your goals.

Jordan is a personal trainer, fitness expert and the founder and CEO of Forever Fit Inc. Starting this month, Forever Fit will host a series of Fitness
Flash Mobs throughout the Philly, DC, New York and Los Angeles. Jordan teaches classes throughout the Philadelphia area, provides one-on-one and group
training sessions. To find out more about Forever Fit Inc. you can visit

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