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22 Feb 2015

Best breakfasts to control your blood sugar

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February 22, 2015 Category: Health Posted by:

By Shannon Clark


One thing that you will definitely want to plan out as you start making positive changes in your daily diet is how you get your day started off. What you eat for breakfast will have a large influence on how the rest of your day goes and whether you’re energized and maintaining stable blood sugar or whether you’re crashing all day long.

Fortunately, choosing smart first thing in the morning doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you educate yourself on what’s healthiest.

Let’s go over the best breakfasts that you should consider serving up.


First, you can’t go wrong with eggs. This is a high quality source of protein that’s also low in cost, so ideal for just about everyone.

Whether you choose to eat just egg whites or add a yolk for the fat and nutrients it contains is up to you, but do try and get in some fat with this meal if you don’t use the yolk, adding some olive oil instead perhaps.

Prepare these scrambled, in omelette form, hard-boiled, or over-easy – whatever you prefer.

Try and serve them with some diced vegetables whenever possible to up your intake of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins.


Next, if you have a very busy day ahead and need something higher in carbohydrates, oatmeal will be a great choice. Oatmeal is sugar-free (as long as you purchase the regular variety), rich in fiber, low in fat, and will offer a small dose of protein as well, coming in at around 4 grams per serving depending on the variety you choose. It also has a GI value of 55, making them a low GI choice.

As this is primarily a carbohydrate source though, you will want to make sure you do get some protein into the picture, either preparing it with some skim milk or adding in a scoop of protein powder after it’s cooked.

Top it with some fresh berries or a sliced apple with some cinnamon.

It’s a hot breakfast that will stick to your ribs and keep you well fueled throughout the morning.

Home-Prepared Pancakes

Finally, don’t overlook home-prepared pancakes as well. These are a great breakfast to serve when you have a little more time for prep work first thing in the morning. If you love the original pancake breakfast but don’t want the load of carbs, you can easily recreate this recipe.

Simply combine together some oats, egg whites, and protein power to form a batter and then pour onto a grill, cooking like you would any other pancake. Flip at half time and then serve with some natural peanut butter on top for healthy fats.

So there you have three great ways to start your morning off right. Remember that skipping breakfast or just choosing a sugar-laden cereal bar as you get on your way is a fast track towards fluctuating blood glucose levels and an energy crash mid-morning.

You may think you’ll ‘save’ on calories by avoiding eating, but really, you’re doing anything but. Most of those who skip breakfast actually eat more throughout the day than those who eat right first thing in the morning.

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