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15 Jul 2022

Want a versatile protein for the grill? Turkey is the answer

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Summer gatherings are in full swing, and there are 99 days starting with Memorial Day through Labor Day, where sunshine and pleasant breezes draw people together to celebrate outdoors for many different reasons. It’s time to fire up the grill and enjoy the beautiful weather.

When surveyed about their grilling habits, 85% of people decide to grill or smoke because they simply like to be outdoors and around 65% say they do it whenever they want, according to a Shady Brook Farms study. No matter if you’re a grilling newbie or a master of the flames, you can enjoy grilling and shaking things up with delicious flavor from a healthy protein like turkey, year round.

“Grilling with turkey is one of my favorite ways to grill for family and friends,” notes grilling enthusiast Robyn Lindars of @grillgirlrobyn. “It is versatile, lean and quick to prepare and lends well to flavor pairings.”

Despite being adaptable and delicious, turkey doesn’t get its fair share on the grill — in fact, four in 10 people haven’t cooked it outdoors in a year or ever. More cooks see themselves as beginners when it comes to cooking turkey versus other types of meats and poultry. If you’re one of them, it’s time to learn some tips and tricks because it’s easier than you think.

Explore turkey grilling options

Grilling a turkey is always a way to bring new flavor to a timeless classic, but if a whole bird is too much, Shady Brook Farms offers many other options. Consider seasoned turkey patties, turkey breast tenderloins and ground turkey burgers for a quick and easy way to prep a weeknight meal. Try new Bacon Cheddar Turkey Patties that are pre-seasoned and mixed with real bacon bits and diced cheddar cheese, for a simple way to enjoy savory flavor.

Add vegetables and fruit to the grill

Are you focused this summer on improving your overall health and immunity? Try grilling turkey. Grilling high-quality protein, along with fruits and vegetables, is a way to get your favorite foods with less fat. An easy choice for a healthy protein, turkey is also rich in vitamins and minerals, including B6 and B12 for energy. Vegetables like peppers, asparagus and zucchini are great grilled, are packed with vitamins and go great with turkey. Have fun trying new recipes, such as garlic and herb turkey tenderloin kabobs with grilled vegetable and basil pesto.

Grilling turkey temperatures

When grilling any type of turkey, you want a juicy flavor cooked to perfection. To help set the stage for success, thaw turkey fully before cooking on the grill. This helps ensure even cooking to proper temperatures throughout. No matter what type of turkey you’re cooking — whole, breast, tenderloins or burgers — make sure to use a meat thermometer to check that internal temperatures are at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the safe cooking temperature before turkey can be consumed. Once meat hits this temperature, remove and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes for juices to redistribute before serving.

Experiment with new turkey recipes

No matter what the occasion — weeknight dinner for the family, cookout or weekend get-together — there’s a recipe for any type of gathering. Check out: to explore featured recipes that include Grilled Mediterranean Turkey Skewers, Grilled Stuffed Turkey Burgers, Grilled Stuffed Turkey Tenderloin and more. Try a new recipe each week and see how much fun you have grilling and maximizing every moment of summer.

For more inspiration, and to learn more about how to grill outside the lines, follow @shadybrookfarms on Instagram.

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