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20 Jan 2023

Top five cooking trends for 2023 to check out

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If you love exploring ingredients and new ways to cook old favorites, 2023’s cooking trends will delight and inspire you. GoodCook Culinary Chef Anthony Serrano shares trends he’s seeing in kitchens everywhere, along with helpful tools to help make your culinary adventures more successful.

Discover plant-based pastas

While traditional pasta will never go out of style, plant-based alternatives will be making waves in 2023. Traditional pasta is made from wheat flour (AP flour, semolina, or whole wheat), but the world of pastas created from plants are colorful, flavorful and nutritious, and are great choices for those with wheat allergies or gluten sensitivity. These include pastas made from edamame (soybeans), black beans, chickpeas, or chia. Thanks to the popularity of Korean and Japanese cuisines, other options you could try are kelp noodles, shirataki noodles (created from the konjac yam) and cellophane noodles (made from mung beans, potato or sweet potato starch or tapioca). You can also substitute pasta with zoodles (spiralized zucchini) or spaghetti squash, which naturally shreds after cooking into spaghetti-like fibers that are fun to eat.

Whatever pasta dishes you concoct, you’ll need a great cookware set that can handle anything you throw at it. You can’t go wrong with GoodCook’s ProEase Cookware Set, a 12-piece set with 7” and 9.5” fry pans, 1.25-quart and 2-quart covered saucepans, 4-quart covered Dutch oven, slotted spoon, spoon, slotted turner, and pasta fork. This cookware is SupremSafe Nonstick, making for healthy, easy cooking and cleaning, and the tempered glass lid included allows you to monitor food as it cooks.

Be up-to-date with dates

Have you noticed dates showing up everywhere? This stone fruit from date palm trees can enhance many dishes and cuisines, with a natural sweetness that’s irresistible in savory or sweet applications. Dates add a burst of flavor to everything from stews and stuffing to salads and more. For dessert, bake them in date nut bars or cakes, or enjoy them on their own.

Whether you’re baking treats or concocting savory delights, a great mixing bowl set is vital. You’ll be able to mix, measure and prep ingredients easily with this GoodCook Assorted Plastic Mixing Bowl Set containing 1.5-quart, 3-quart and 5-quart bowls with non-slip bottoms for stability.

Re-vamped nostalgia

While everyone loves their childhood favorites, today’s trend takes them to the next level, adjusting ingredients and/or cooking methods to add a wellness twist. Lovers of everything from pizza bites to mac and cheese will still get those cozy vibes and flavors while appreciating the healthier spin on these classics. Grilling or steaming are just a few techniques that can make your faves better for you by cooking lighter.

Love pizza? You can get pizza parlor perfection at home using the GoodCook AirPerfect Pizza Pan to create that ideal crispy crust, thanks to perforated construction which allows direct contact between the oven heat and the pizza crust. This lightweight pizza pan also has convenient cutting guides to ensure perfect slices.

Enjoy the savory with the sweet

Combining sweet with savory flavors is another trend gaining steam. For example, if you love baking but tire of eating sweet-on-sweet, add savory seasonings into your recipes, as toppers or in the frosting. Chocolate combined with chipotle or jalapenos can really wake up the taste buds, or try cayenne, chili, Chinese five spice, curry, or cumin in your dessert. Too much heat? Simply increase the amount of cinnamon, mace, or ginger — or sprinkle a little flake salt or freshly ground pepper — and taste the results. They may surprise you!

Whether baking cookies or roasting veggies, you’ll need a great baking sheet. The GoodCook AirPerfect Nonstick Baking Sheet distributes heat evenly for thorough baking. Its scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe nonstick coating makes clean-up quick and easy, and the multi-use pan can be used for everything from heating appetizers to baking cookies.

Butter up guests with butter boards

Similar to charcuterie boards, spread a board with various butters, hummus and/or other spreads, adding a variety of herbs and seasonings, exotic flake salt or ground pepper guests can enjoy on crusty bread or crackers. Better yet, create individual butter boards using marble coasters so guests can stand and chat while sampling tasty bites.

Sound intriguing? These growing trends and helpful products should inspire you to create wonderful new flavors in the year to come.

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