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20 May 2022

Registry 101: Must-have items to put on your wedding wish list

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If you’ve got wedding bells in your future, chances are you also have a million things to do before the big day. And one to-do item that could surely use more attention is creating your wedding registry. The beauty of a well-thought-out registry is that it helps everyone: Your friends and family know they’ll be helping you and your spouse start your life together with things that you really want, and you’ll look forward to a well-stocked home provided by the love and thoughtfulness of the ones who matter most to you.

To make sure your list includes items that you know you’ll use, incorporating gifts that are a mix of different price points is ideal so that your guests have options, no matter their budget.

As we tend to spend most of our time in the kitchen and the bedroom, here are the must-have items to help set up your spaces for years to come.

Kitchen necessities

Establish your kitchen as the ultimate gathering place for family — and special nights for just you two — with cookware and bakeware that will help you create memorable meals for life’s most special moments, and every day in between.

Cast iron pan: Any cook worth their salt will tell you that a cast iron pan is the single most useful item that you can have. For example, a heavy-duty 12-inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet from GoodCook can be used both indoors and for camping and comes with a pre-seasoned coat to prevent rusting. The 12-inch diameter is perfect for everything from sauteing vegetables to pan-roasting chicken, searing steaks and more.

Pizza pan: For epic pizza nights, an AirPerfect 15.75-inch Air Insulated, Nonstick Pizza Crisper will make perfect pizza every time. The AirPerfect holes reduce moisture when baking to help create the ultimate crispy crust, and the carbon steel nonstick pan comes with convenient cutting guides to give you perfect slices every time.

Roaster: Holiday entertaining stress, be gone. You’ll be ready to host over the holidays with a Quick Baste Roaster that will leave your guests coming back for seconds.


Cookie sheets: Whether you’re a serious baker or just enjoy making occasional treats, quality pans make all the difference. With AirPerfect Cookie Sheets, you’ll have your choice of a large (16×14) or medium (14×12) pan (or both!) made from nonstick carbon steel for long-lasting durability and warp-free use. Hot air circulates between two layers to ensure even browning and less scorching on your favorite cookies.

Muffin pans: A 12-Cup Nonstick Muffin Pan will help you whip up cupcakes or muffins — with or without cupcake liners — thanks to the scratch-resistant nonstick coating. The heavy-duty pan ensures a perfect bake every time, distributing heat evenly for thorough baking.

Bed and bath comforts

Consider quality when selecting items for your bed and bath, and you’ll be treated not only with a feeling of luxury, but comforts that you’ll be able to enjoy a lot longer.

Quality bedsheets: Upgrade to new, high-quality bedsheets by opting for a minimum thread count between 300-600 for most materials, though some (like flannel and microfiber) do not use thread count. If you have the opportunity to feel different fabrics to determine what you like best, that’s even better — how bedsheets feel is even more important than how they look.

Bath towels: Create a spa-like bathroom with top-notch bath towels made from 100% cotton. If you like the plush feel of a heavier, more luxurious towel, opt for higher density, measured in grams per square meter (GSM). The heaviest weight towel will be 600-900 GSM and feels much plusher than a medium weight (400-600) or light (300-400) GSM towel. If you prefer to really wrap yourself up, consider adding a few bath sheets to your list, which are larger than a standard bath towel (36×60 as opposed to 27×52). Keep in mind, that both heavier density towels and bath sheets may need more time in the dryer!

Remember, your wedding registry is not just about receiving things you absolutely need, but it’s also important to include a few items that you may not have bought for yourself. Let your friends and family pamper you a little by choosing special items that will not only be useful but will also boost the enjoyment of your newly married life, every day.

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