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6 Feb 2011

Joyner offers to broker peace talks between Mary and Steve Harvey

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Steve Harvey’s ex-wife Mary Harvey appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning Show today with the radio host attempting to squash the mess that has exploded between the two parties once and for all.


“I did not invite you to continue talking about your personal business. There are more things that are of paramount importance to our community,” Joyner said at the beginning. “We want to deal with this and move on.”


Harvey agreed, saying, “It took a long time for me to get to this point. The reason I’ve been silent this entire time is because I did take into consideration what it would do to both of our families and our community.”


But “keeping quiet hasn’t served me physically,” she continued. “It hasn’t served our son. I have suffered physically because of it. I’m not in good health right now.”


The whole thing started with a lawsuit filed in Texas in which Steve accuses Mary of turning Oprah Winfrey against him, which allegedly resulted in him losing an opportunity to have his own relationship show on the Oprah Winfrey Network based on his best-selling books.


In response, Mary filmed a three part video detailing Steve’s alleged infidelity to the world – in the process, accusing his current wife Marjorie of being one of Steve’s many alleged mistresses during their marriage.


Marjorie then jumped into the mess, saying last week she retained an attorney and plans to sue Mary for defamation of character.



Mary Harvey told Joyner that her intention in suddenly speaking out about Steve’s alleged cheating during their 16-year marriage is not to get another settlement from the media mogul, but to school the women who have bought into Harvey as a relationship expert.


She also wouldn’t mind an apology…and not just to her for the alleged infidelity.


“I think the apology should be given to the women who have been deceived into buying the books and who have perceived him as being a pillar of the community,” she said.


When Joyner suggested that Harvey is still “doing some good” in the community, Mary said, “I have no doubt about that, but from a victim standpoint, it’s like saying to someone who was raped and had not had closure from his attacker that he’s still doing some good.”


Joyner questioned the word “rape” in describing their situation.


“It’s rape to me,” Mary responded, adding that their 13-year-old son Wynton is the biggest victim in this sudden soap opera.


“My other concern is for my son who is in [Steve’s] house and is looking to his father as a role model. What he’s learning is that it’s not good to support your wife,” and when things don’t go well, to move in with another woman – the woman who caused the breakup of the marriage in the first place, she continued.


Steve has full custody of Wynton. Mary said she has only seen their son three times in the last six months – suggesting Steve is limiting the boy’s interaction with his mother.


“[Wynton] doesn’t have permission to call me because that’s the way it is,” Mary told Joyner. “Those are the situations. Wynton does not have access to his phone when he wants it, his computer gets taken away. I would not have put myself in the line of fire if this wasn’t going on.”


“Originally we all agreed as adults to get counseling as a family. That didn’t happen. I showed up, the baby showed up but the other adults didn’t show up,” she said.


When Joyner asked if he could get the two warring exes together in a room by themselves to talk things out and squash the back-and-forth drama for good, Mary said she’d be cooperative.


“I’ve been cooperative all this time by remaining silent,” she added. “See, being quiet, this is what it’s gotten me – a bag full of pills…for my heart, my high blood pressure, I don’t sleep at night because I have anxiety to come out and say what I gotta say.”


Joyner ended the interview by committing to facilitate a meeting between the Harveys. “Steve and I are friends – we might be friends after this, I don’t know,” Joyner joked of his morning radio rival.

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