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4 May 2018

“Black Panther” ends 35-year Saudi Arabia cinema ban!

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As reported last week by Memphis’ Tri-State Defender, the blockbuster Marvel film “Black Panther” continues to amaze and work its magic, now opening in Saudi Arabia, where the country had a 35 year cinema ban.

The ban had been in place since the 1970s when Islamic clerics shut down all movie theaters while instituting conservative religious laws. Clearly, times are changing and Wakanda is more powerful than we ever imagined.

This month, AMC Entertainment will open a theater in the nations capital of Riyadh and “Black Panther” is scheduled to be the first movie played.


The company has plans to open 40 cinemas in more than 12 cities across Saudi Arabia over the next five years and we’re guessing the 32 million people who live there will be lining up to see King T’Challah in all his glory.

According to reports, the ban reversal was announced as part of the reformist Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s plan to “moderate Islam” and it’s just one of his recent moves.

He recently reversed a ban on women in sports stadiums and women will be allowed to obtain driver’s licenses for the first time in June.

Source: Tri-State Defender

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