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9 Oct 2011

Zeola Gaye pens the untold story of her music legend brother Marvin revealing provocative untold facts about his life

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Interview with Francine Natal

Zeola Gaye– the baby sister of the iconic musical legend and renowned recording artist/singer/songwriter- Marvin Gaye discerned now is the time to release
the much anticipated book of memoirs, an authentic account of the life of Marvin as only those closest to him could affirm.

“Carlos Santana and my brother Marvin had a spiritual connection founded upon their passion for music and their reverence for the Creator which surpassed
many things. That is why I was compelled to ask Carlos if he would do me the distinct honor of writing the foreword of my book.” Gaye reveals.

The book was edited by Zeola Gaye’s niece, Angie Gaye, another family member whom knew Marvin well. With the utmost care, Zeola discloses excerpts of a
letter written by Marvin, never before published or released for public review. The letter was written in the 1980s, more than two decades ago.

What you will discover when you read the excerpts will cause you to question everything you thought you knew about Marvin, in particular the things
previously published in books by persons that didn’t have an intimate relationship with Marvin like Zeola Gaye did.


This book is outstanding because it is a tell-all book that respectfully unveils hidden truths to the masses for the purpose of enlightenment. What we did
not know about the late Marvin Gaye will prove meaningful to answer the questions we’ve been searching for since his death. The true untold story, MY

The Interview:

Francine Natal: Why publish the book now? Do you have the full support of your family in this pursuit?

Zeola Gaye: I started my book more than 10 years ago, but I knew I had to be clean and sober for it to turn out the way I wanted. I let God’s hand guide my
timing, and with the help of my niece/ editor, Angie Gaye, I was able to sort out my thoughts and finish the project. I am happy to say that my family
fully supports this endeavor.

FN: Is this book a prequel, will there be a sequel to this book?

Zeola Gaye: This “tell all” is it as far as books on Marvin go, but the sequel will be my play- My Brother Marvin II, which is expected to open spring

FN: What was it like for you when you read the letter that Marvin wrote?

Zeola Gaye: It made me sad because he and I had talked about those events and I literally felt Marvin’s pain and frustration about his life at the time.

FN: Will there be a movie and if so who will star as Marvin? Who will the producer be? Give us an insider perspective.

Zeola Gaye: I am certain there will be a movie. Many names are circulating about who will play Marvin, but nothing has been confirmed yet. I look forward
to working again with playwright and film producer, Angela Barrow-Dunlap.

FN: Would you and the remaining Gaye family (siblings of the Late Marvin Gaye) consider doing a reality TV show?

Zeola Gaye: Yes! As long as it’s not going to be “trashy.” We’re a funny family and we love to talk about our lives, plus each of us has a unique
perspective on our experiences with Marvin.

FN: Why would you say this book should be purchased by everyone?

Zeola Gaye: Any Marvin Gaye fan or historian will appreciate learning about the family that Marvin grew up in, as well as the true events that pushed him
to his tragic and untimely death. Marvin loved his billions of worldwide fans and wanted to share everything with them. I am now helping him do that by
setting the record straight.

FN: What is different about your book, in comparison to other books that have been written about Marvin?

Zeola Gaye: Others who have written about Marvin wrote based on what they have heard or interpreted. Some have outright lied for personal gain. Nobody has
written a true story or had my perspective as Marvin Gaye’s baby sister. My book exposes the people who did not have my brother’s best interests at heart.

Visit Zeola Gaye’s’ webpage and purchase her book entitled My Brother Marvin: A Memoir by Zeola
Gaye. You can also purchase the book on-line at For those of you with a Twitter account Zeola Gaye wants to hear from you, you can
follow-up with her at [email protected] For event bookings i.e. interviews and Book signings Zeola Gaye’s Media or Business Contact is: Ms. Barbara Cole
(310) 295-9430, [email protected]

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