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22 Nov 2019

Alawfultruth: Using our teeth to dig our graves

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November 22, 2019 Category: Commentary Posted by:

What will it take?

Dear Lovies —

In September 2019, Muva told you all her business and disclosed that I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

In an effort to use this as a teachable moment since over 100 million of us are either pre-diabetic or a full blown owner of this disease, I decided to attend my diabetic counseling and went further to begin a solid exercise regimen five days a week.

I am happy to report, that 10 weeks after being diagnosed, I have not only lost 19 pounds, but  my blood sugar levels went back to normal! I was diligent and took charge of my life in ways that stunned my doctor into tears of joy. 

My A1C was recently checked in an effort to remove me from the metformin that I currently take.

Imagine that!

I recognize fully that this is a lifetime journey for me, and while I am encouraging scores of people, I continue to be alarmed.

I ran into a fellow recently that disclosed he has been diabetic for years, and while he applauds my efforts, he confessed that as a male, he is not concerned as much as he should be, because he is not experiencing any damaging effects that he can feel right now. 

Intellectually, he knows the damage is gradual and long lasting, but as long as he feels no symptoms, he continues to eat what he wants.

I gasped when he disclosed that he had an entire pizza,  and enjoyed it, despite the carbohydrates attached to doing such a thing. For diabetics, carbohydrates turn to sugar which coats the blood and causes neuropathy of the limbs, loss of vision, and destruction of the kidneys, to name a few.

My friend jokingly said that men need their women to keep them focused on their health, so if it works, I am all for it.

I met another man who acknowledged being a diabetic on insulin, but would not be deterred from having a hunk of cake that he knew would put him into diabetic shock. His wife shook her head and told he she would drop him at the emergency room.

Come on people- what does quality of life mean? Is the instant gratification worth the long term damages that diabetes has wrought on so many?


Left unchecked, it leads to death.  I don’t know about you, but for me, being diagnosed was a game changer.

Would you join muva in taking better care of yourselves? Can you get your physicals yearly? Can you shift what and how you eat?

Hospitals are filled with people who do not need to be there.  There is a saying in Jamaica — “never use your teeth, to dig your grave” — which simply means, eat better to stay alive.

Until next time love bugs, Be well.


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