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6 Nov 2020

Surviving COVID-19 shutdown in Winter 2020

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November 6, 2020 Category: Commentary Posted by:

By Danaé Reid

According to NBC, records show that the number of COVID-19 cases are on the rise. And with the winter solstice creeping out from the shadows, many of us are starting to prepare for what’s to come. Talks of shutdowns have been circulating, and as time progresses, it seems that reentering lockdown is less like a rumor and more of a promise. Thankfully, we made it through the first lockdown, but with winter and the flu/cold season on the horizon, we are once again embarking on new unchartered territory. Because of this, I decided to conjure up a list of things that can help keep us occupied as we try to navigate the “great indoors”. 

1. Buy a cookbook and try some new recipes: If you’re like me and have multiple cookbooks that are collecting dust, the best time to pull those bad boys out is on its way! What’s a better way to spend an excess of free time than by learning how to cook some new meals?

2. Rearrange your house! Clean out your closet and donate to those less fortunate: Many of us have been spending more time at home than ever before and have taken notice to some things we’d like to change. Use this opportunity to rear-range your furniture for a new look and don’t be afraid to get rid of some older items that you can no longer use! Head over to your local thrift store/consignment shop and donate whatever you don’t need. We’ve also included a link below that may be helpful to you if you’re not sure what the closest donation spot to you is.

3. Pick up a new hobby/skill: There’s always room to learn something new! Take some time out to try a new hobby/learn a new skill — you never know how it’ll change your life for the better! Refer to the link below if you’re unsure of where to start.                                                                       

4. Read that book that you’ve had lying around for years: The real world some-times seems so bleak and trite; exploring different worlds through a book may be a perfect escape for you! I have plenty of books lying around my house that I still need to check out, but if that’s not the case for you, we found a list of some books you may want to add to your arsenal! (And who doesn’t like expanding their knowledge?                                                                                        

5. Find some at home workouts to keep you healthy and in shape: Gyms opened back up recently, but I can only imagine that they’ll close down again if another lockdown does in fact ensue. There’s so many at home workouts you can do to ensure that you’re keeping fit, happy, and healthy.  

6. Journal writing: This year in its entirety is historic, so by documenting how you’re feeling throughout these difficult days, you’re also documenting history! Your jour-nal may be really important one day! 

7. Binge-watch TV shows/movies: This one is pretty self-explanatory! Like books, movies and TV shows provide a sort of escape from the real world around you. Not only that, but they teach you a lot about the world and yourself! 

8. Meditate/Pray: Again, the fate of the world can sometimes seem so uncertain which is bound to cause anxiety for many. Sometimes, when I feel that I’ve tried it all but nothing is working, turning to my faith and calming myself down is the best thing I can do… (And that’s okay). 

9. Relaxing: We’ve had a very traumatic and stressful year, so taking some time to yourself is highly encouraged! It’s likely that we’ll never have this much time again, so do your best to take advantage of any downtime you may find!


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