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5 Mar 2021

SUNrise: cj speaks… YOUR HEALTH

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Black folks — and people of color in general — your health should be your number one priority.  We have been in COVID-19 quarantine since March 13, 2020 when everything shut down; citywide, stateside, and nationwide.

So, I would like to pose a question in your direction, something for you to think about — how have you handled yourself in the terms of your health in this pandemic?  Have you been going to the doctor, even though there is fear?  Have you been going to the dentist, the eye doctor, are you watching what you are eating every day?  Are you still putting forth some kind or some form of exercise?  

As people of color, we are known to have the most challenging experiences with our health:  heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, stroke, peripheral artery disease, sickle cell disease, asthma, and more that are not mentioned.  

So, think about it — what it is that you may want to do differently as you work on your mind, your body, and your soul to better your health?  

A good way to gain better health is through exercise.  Exercising not only helps the body to look good, it works on your mind, uplifts your spirit, pumps clean blood through your veins, and helps your lungs bring more oxygen into your body, affecting your health in a positive manner. 

Exercise, my friends, will do a world of change in your life, Be it through walking,  riding a stationary bicycle,  running in place or jumping rope, or walking your dog consistently with a purpose to get your exercise —  not just getting up going around the corner and coming back; that ain’t really doing much for you.  

You may want to change your lifestyle with the foods that you are eating each day. The Daniel fast is going on as we are in the season of Lent — 40 days of sacrifice by way of what you are putting into your body each day.  This fast allows one to meditate more on self, eat healthier by monitoring the types of foods allowed to eat while on this fast into your body, and the type of liquids you will drink.  This is just an example.  

You can improve your health by eating foods that are going to help you feel better both mentally and physically along with moderation of your intake.  

Yoga has become a daily occurrence for me.  It was once a week — now I do it every morning and every evening before going to bed.  Yoga will help with those cracks and creaks and the pains that folk begin to receive typically at age 50.  The stretching of your body exercises the joints, muscles, and spine. An excellent suggestion is to begin your day with yoga or end with it.  

Meditation — also known as mindfulness — is another form that can help you to relax and exercise your mind.  Our minds are terrible places to waste. They can  also be like a powerful gun that will shoot you up with your own thoughts, which tend not to be good when we think about ourselves.  There are not too many people in the world walking around positive most of their day. 

 When you incorporate exercise, yoga, and meditation with a consistency and a dedicated purpose, you will begin to see the flavors of your flow changing into a “new you” as you are becoming more instrumental in your daily walk of life as you are making a difference in your health.  

So, begin stepping off your bed with a purpose — a purpose that is in your mind as you begin doing something different in your life.  It is not hard — it is just discipline and being dedicated to yourself enough to change your health for the next 365 days…..PEACE!

…cj is a poet, educator, motivational speaker, and inspirational writer who resides in Philadelphia . If you were moved by this piece, shoot her a “like” or comment at [email protected]!

Always consult with your medical professional when considering  lifestyle changes like exercise and diet.

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