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14 May 2021

SUNrise: cj speaks… The need for family

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So last weekend, the world stepped out and gave honor, glory, and praises to the mothers of the world, the mothers of our nation, the sistahs and queens that walk the earth each and every day — I would like to personally thank you for the service that you give to your child or your children.  

Thank you for being the utmost parent who showed us how to love, even when we may not have felt it from you —  one who often showed us how to go to church on Sunday and to listen to the pastor and what the Word was teaching and preaching to us.  

As some mothers may have accompanied us or not, you made sure that we had a good  education. You knew that tomorrow we were going to need our “1, 2, 3’s” and our “A, B, C’s” in order to grace the earth with our footsteps with the knowledge that we have obtained.  There were also those mothers who had us doing chores, showed us that responsibility is what was going to lead us into our tomorrows.   

The mother is a part of the family, and the need of family is imperative to the water that sprinkles that allows us to grow, and the sun that shines on us by way of our family.  As you may feel that your family is all that including many more cousins and aunts and uncles. And some of us may feel that my family is just okay – I have seen better and I prayed, wished, and desired better and more for mine.  Being in the midst of your family is what you have — so begin to pray for yourself and how you can be better in your family as our families are what we have and for some of us, that is all that we have, the need of family.  Some of the rest us have extended family — which can be a powerful and awesome addition; but, be grateful and expect good things to happen with the family that you right now have.  Our mothers and fathers, whether we grew up with them in our households or not, are the creators of who we are today.  

We also thank our fathers for all that they were able to give to us by way of who they are including their mistakes, their empowering moments and conversations, their shortcomings or  their lack of showing anything in our direction.  Keep in mind that they are still the creators of who you are and according to the Word, we are to honor our mothers and fathers so that  days can be longer. 

 Then we have those wonderful siblings — our brothers and our sisters, the ones that we love dearly, as well as  those same siblings that shun us and choose not to be in relationship or to walk beside us.  

As these painful thoughts may touch your heart, a tear may go down your cheek as you read these words today.  It is time for us to start working on who we are so that we can have a better family, as we are all in need of our families — individually and collectively. 

We only go around once y’all — the family that you were born into is your family.  How do you see yourself in the midst of that family?  How do you want to become a better person  and how are you going to make that happen? 

 It is never too late to make changes in your life so that they can trickle down on the leaves of your extended family tree —  the leaves of your cousins and great cousins, aunts and  great aunts, your uncles and  great uncles, and your grandparents and the greatness of all of them.  The foremothers and the forefathers of your yesterdays, your family tree and the need for families.

 As the offspring of our parents —  and in some cases, as parents ourselves — many of us have yet to consider what our family is going to be like as we contribute to that tree.   A thought that I want to share with you is that we all make mistakes and fall short, and none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow.

We honor our mothers — those that are nurturing, that we see as mentors, and  that we desire to be like. Our mothers are glorious beings; they sit in the reign of Queendom as they look upon us — those that are in heaven and those that are still gracing this earth.

I would also like to extend that honor to our fathers. His day of celebration is coming soon, however, everyday is a celebration of our fathers and mothers as they play a role in our lives each and every day, all day long.  

 If you are a parent — be it a mother or a father — who also makes mistakes, show grace and mercy for those who we love that we call our family. As we look in our mirrors today, as we give all the thanks and praises to GOD for our families, whether we speak or not, whether we are close or way off afar, or sometimes we can’t even reach.

Let’s be thankful for who we are in our family and let’s give a call today to our family members and give them their flowers, forgiveness, love, hugs, and celebrate the memories of who we are together, walking alive on this place that we call earth. 

 I love you, family!  I love the Joneses and the Smiths, the Densons and the Singletons.  I love you and the needs of my family!  Until next time….PEACE!

cj is a poet, educator, motivational speaker, and inspirational writer who resides in Philadelphia. If you were moved by this piece, shoot cj a “like” or comment at: [email protected].

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the article belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, The Philadelphia Sunday SUN, the author’s organization, committee or other group or individual.

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