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15 Apr 2021

SUNrise: cj speaks… Restorative Practices — a poem

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As our communities are suffering from gun violence, the lack of education, and poverty in terms of equitable foods and opportunities,


Restorative practices are needed and a must.

It is through our restorative practices that we are going to be able to embellish our youth to see more positive possibilities in this drastic life that they are living in,

It is through restorative practices that we hold the hands of the parents and adults so that they can feel and see that where they are, is not what they have to maintain or continue to live in,

Grasping our communities and coming together and working together for the outcome of living in peaceful and decent living lives.

Restorative practices are ways that we can begin to change our youth, the adults, and our community — one person and one step at a time…

It is going to take the entire community to make these changes, one person and one day at time…

Restorative Practices!

What is your take on change?

How are you looking at the possibilities of your life becoming a much better place and that of your child or your children and your community?

Wherever you are today, you do not have to accept the way that it has been given to you upon the plate and the platter that does not allow you to even sit at the table… to even delve and dine into the foods that are currently being offered to you…

Restorative Practices!!

It is time to make a change!

It is time to do something different in your life so that your child or your children, your lifestyles, and the community upon which you live begin to make a change…

Restorative Practices!!!

Something that may be new to you; but it is an old practice that American Indians have been doing for a lifetime…

So when do we decide to make a difference?

When do we get to the table so that we can delve in and be a part of that plate of food that we have no idea what the taste of it really is?

Wow!  Let’s get up and get out, y’all!

Restorative practices are the start of something new in your community, in your life, and in the decency of your children, the youth, our future! 

In honor of National Poetry Month 2021, let’s begin to work; let’s commit to doing something different so that we can all see changes all around us. Until next time….PEACE!

cj is a poet, educator, motivational speaker, and inspirational writer who resides in Philadelphia.  If you were moved by this piece, shoot cj a “like” or comment at: [email protected].

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