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12 Aug 2021

SUNrise: cj speaks – It’s that time again…

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Once again, parents, guardians, teachers, and students — for those of you who haven’t already gotten in where you fit in, get ready! It’s that time again for school to begin.  It means it is time for us not only to get our supplies, but whatever we need to get our state of mind and our mental state intact and in order, so that we are up to the challenge of an ongoing pandemic — with a new variant that is causing a lot of controversy, there is uncertainty, and many, many questions.  

School appears to be starting back into session on a different note this year.  For the first time since March 13, 2020, we are going to be going back to school with a whole new look, because all students are required to report in person with masks, of course, as our youth 12 and under have not even received approval for the vaccination. So with that being the case, we have to go back fully equipped and prepared to wear that mask again, all day. It is also that time again to social distance — all day — and we are wondering as educators, parents, and students what that is going to look like.

We are talking about a complete school day with a mask and with a social distance.  Wow!  Not really sure what that is going to look like.  I can imagine the apprehensions of educators as I too am an educator, and wonder what that may feel for me. Make sure you are vaccinated, educators, because you have no clue as to what GOD has in store for your tomorrow, so it would behoove you to be prepared. For those going off to college — congratulations!  Be it your first year, second, third, or last, congratulations on getting up, getting out and getting back into exploring who you want to become.  Understand that as you are on your own and hopefully vaccinated, it is that time again to put on that mask, to get that mind ready, to get that studying on, and do your best — we are all rooting for you.  

Not really sure what everything is going to turn out to be as we cannot see the future; however, we can prepare today so that we are in a better position than we were a year ago.  As colleges had to close due to the outbreaks of students going out and doing what they choose and not following the rules or requirements.  Keep in mind, college bound youth, we know that you know that you are grown, but you still have so much to learn.  So follow the guidance from those of us who, while quite uncertain ourselves of how all of this is going to turn out in the end, possess the maturity that has allowed us to make those better decisions.  It is our prayer and hope that when you go off to college or maybe even a boarding school, you are following those precepts so that you don’t get sick, have your school closed down, or be forced to isolate yourself from your friends or vice versa.  

 Let’s all get the things we need, make the choices we need to be safe and  secure, so that we can be saints knowing what is necessary in our lives to prosper and grow during the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. 


Get it in, y’all! Wishing everyone a very good year and wishing everyone safety and protection in GOD’s world!  Until next time….PEACE!  

cj is a poet, educator, motivational speaker, and inspirational writer who resides in Philadelphia. If you were moved by this piece, shoot cj a like or comment at: [email protected]

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