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18 Mar 2022

SUNrise: cj speaks…  HOPE!

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As the world experiences the return of daylight savings time, let’s move forward toward the hope found within ourselves.  Hope is something that you are expecting to happen, even though you cannot see it taking place. You may not even be aware of the hour when your greatest accomplishment or goal was achieved.

The world is going through climate change, changes in the way we look at racial disparities, and more. Even those changes brought forth through extended daylight can introduce a different perspective for many people. Although it is still dark at early rise, it will slowly become full of light. That same light allows us to have hope.  

Hope is entering our lives!  Spring is finally here. On Palm Sunday, my church — Salem Baptist Church of Roslyn —  will be opening up its doors.  I don’t know if your church or place of worship has reopened, but if it hasn’t, it may open soon, now that the pandemic appears to be waning.   

There is the hope of getting back to some form of what we call “normal.” What exactly is that normal?  Perhaps the new normal is that we have high expectations about receiving the goodness of all that the Higher Being has for us we persevere and push through 2022.  We also realize that forgiveness is one of the keys needed to unlock the doors leading to hope. Don’t hold onto anger because of what someone else has done, said, and aimed in your direction. Hope for a better life, a greater future, and for yourself as you navigate this changed world.  

Graduations will take place. Mother’s Day is around the corner, followed by Father’s Day in June. Some of us have already had birthdays, and as the year unfolds, we are hopeful for the birthdays to come.

Let’s turn over a new leaf, everyone, and get excited about how  this new hope is going to manifest in our lives.  Until next time….PEACE!  

cj is a poet, educator, motivational speaker, and inspirational writer who resides in Philadelphia. If you were moved by this piece, shoot her a “like” or comment at [email protected].

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