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5 Jun 2020

SUNrise: cj speaks… Black Expo

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What does it mean —  “Black on Black” business?

Black on Black business allows African Americans to achieve and accomplish goals. Black on Black business wipes out the middleman and puts African Americans back in charge of their desti.

Black on Black business is the key to our success and a must for the future of our children. How does it happen, Black on Black supporting Black?

First, we must erase from our minds the negative stigmas of doing business with our brothas and sistahs.

Then we must realize that interdependence and bartering are what we used to succeed during and at the end of slavery and how we prospered from it.

Finally, who do you know that owns a business?  How successful is that business and how much more successful can that business be?

Now look in the mirror — what are you doing to help support black owned and black operated businesses?

Sistahs and brothas, when you get that manicure and pedicure, who is the owner and operator?  Do you know of African American professionals that can do the same job and better for you?  Unsure? Ask someone!  Seek and search for a Black woman or Black man to help beautify your hands and feet.

How many of us drive cars?  Did we purchase our vehicles from a brotha or sistah working on commission at a local car dealer?  If not, let’s make a conscious effort to do so the next time we are in the business of purchasing a car.  If so, you are on the right path.

I know that the brothas are supporting brothas when it is time for their hair to be cut, and sistahs when he needs his hair braided or lock twisted.

Some of us like to eat out at the finest and local restaurants.  Philadelphia and the outskirt areas do offer the opportunity to eat at Black owned and operated restaurants.  Although we are sometimes limited to their dining hours, let us make the effort of knowing where these eateries are and support them when we can.

My sistahs and brothas, where do we go for hair, facial, and body products?  Are we even aware that there are products out there just for us, African Kings and Queens?

Although we may be limited, there are ways and means of accomplishing the goals of buying Black.  Go online, ask a sistah or brothas friend.  Seek the information, so that you can be informed.

Why is it important Black on Black?

Statistically proven, we, as African Americans are the largest group of people spending lots and lots of money, daily.

No matter how much money we make, we are a race of people who like to look good, drive fancy cars, and attend the best places for our entertainment.  Our offspring are some of the flyest children out there in the world today.

So again, you may ask why do I need to buy or even support that Black man or Black woman who isn’t supporting me, doesn’t even know my name, or isn’t a part of my family?  Now ask yourself the same questions of the other folk that you are supporting by buying from them.

When you buy Black, although money is green, copper, or silver, you are putting back into your community growth, stability, value, ownership, authority, power, and most of all, empowerment!


Educate yourself with knowledge!

Evolve your spirit with upliftment!

Empower yourself and our youth with something different so that we can grow into the strength of being Black, buying Black, and becoming Black-owned and operated business owners!

Model who we are to be so that we can begin to set the example for the outcomes of our race!

Be Black and be proud!

Buy Black so that you can begin to feel uplifted and empowered!

Learn about Black products, Black business owners, Black entrepreneurs, and Black businesses in order to support our future!

Support the Black Expo of today, next time, and always!

We are Black!

We are the original Kings and Queens!

We are the future!

We are business owners!

We are entrepreneurs!

We are powerful!

We are free to choose!

Support and buy Black!

Help to keep the money in our communities!

cj is a poet, educator, motivational speaker, and inspirational writer who resides in Philly. She has been creating and writing for decades with the desire to share with you, the reader.  Stay tuned as she will empower, uplift, motivate, and change a thought or two. Feedback, sharing your awesome words, and/or questions?!?!…hit her up at [email protected]

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