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19 Feb 2021

SUNrise: cj speaks… Becoming Blackness: Creating history and ‘herstory’

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February 19, 2021 Category: Commentary Posted by:

I woke up today with the thoughts of what it takes to get up and get out and be a Black person every day.  

Through the many trials and tribulations that I have experienced in my lifetime — be it as a young girl, not even knowing what it was, to a teenager just coming across so many different things and not even realizing that it was because I was Black.

  Then I became a young woman in my twenties working some real gigs, making some money to be able to sustain myself, paying my rent and my bills.  Nowhere did I really see or feel the racism that has always been a part of my life.  

So as I continued to strive in my twenties and got into my thirties and forties, I can now see the blatant racism, be it hidden or out in front of my face. Call it as you see it — it is definitely present any and every where I walk. 

I began to learn that it is because I am a Black woman — a Black female living in America today that causes me to have these trials and tribulations.  And it’s not just me — as you look in your mirror today, I want you to stop and think about those times when you couldn’t quite understand what was happening.  Or you had an experience of something that you can’t even explain and then sometimes as the experiences continue, you started to see the patterns and real reasons why you were not quite getting to the places you thought you were supposed to be able to reach and touch. 

 You know it is the Black history and “herstory” that our foremothers and forefathers created that allows us to walk, step, live, and be able to become as we are in the making of their unique spaces in history.  

At one point in our lives, we took those historic “spaces” to heart; we never faltered, we didn’t look back, and we strived, persevered and pushed forward as we walked through challenges, tribulations and unwantedness, all because of the color of our skin.

As we represent ourselves boldly and bodaciously in the month of February 2021 — the shortest of the 12 — you must continue to strive toward your becoming Blackness, into who you really are according to the Almighty Father, who made you a king and a queen under the reign of His entire universe. 

 So with that being said, you are able to reach any goal you aspire to set for yourself.  You are able to go get whatever that thing is that you set your mind on.  So as you strive and live in this month of February celebrating Black history and “herstory” all 28 days long, without the apologetic continuation from January and then stepping into March all the way to December, remember that Black history and “herstory” is 365 days a year, 24/7.

So my brothahs and sistahs, as we continue to break ceilings nationwide, don’t ever forget from whom you come from the Almighty Father.  Step up and step out, kings and queens!  Allow yourself to be visible!  Don’t shudder a word!  Get up and get out and speak your truth!  Walk into the light upon which has been set for you to shine in!  

It’s Black History and “Herstory” Month every day of your life if you’re Black!  Shatter that ceiling brothahs, knock it down, sistahs, and walk in your truth as you continue to make “herstory” and history, live and in plain view for everyone to see because you do count as you are becoming Blackness:  creating history and “herstory”…..PEACE!

…cj is a poet, educator, motivational speaker, and inspirational writer who resides in Philadelphia. If you were moved by this piece, shoot her a “like” or comment at: [email protected].

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