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22 Jul 2021

A Millennial Voice: Flawless service for a flawless face – Find your glow with Monica Labelle

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ABOVE PHOTO: Victoria Roggio, photo courtesy of @victoriaroggiobeauty on Instagram

By Danaé Reid

Danaé Reid

As a model, I often get offered free products and services to review on social media or just to enjoy with no expectations to follow. I’ve received free sneakers, free plants, free makeup, free skincare, free clothes, and so much more. But recently, I received the best “gift” that I’ve gotten throughout my career thus far — a comped facial! 

A few weeks back I was scrolling through Instagram, when I received a message from my new friend Monica, a licensed skin therapist based in Philadelphia, offering me a free facial. It was the first time that I’d ever been offered such a service, and I accepted immediately before I could even ask what the requirements were.  Much to my delight, there were none. 

My trip to see Monica aligned perfectly with my trip back to Philly this past weekend; the experience I received while under her care was just as seamless. She works at the Victoria Roggio Beauty Studio, an ethical oasis that is located in the heart of Old City Philadelphia. Upon entrance into the studio, I was impressed by how effortlessly relaxing and peaceful the space was — the neutral tones, music, and natural light that kisses you from every angle was a complete contrast with the dark and moody aura of every single other beauty spa I’ve been to. Let’s just say, I prefer the former. 

Once I arrived, I sat for only a few moments before I was taken back into Monica’s room, but during the time that I waited, I was offered water (with lemon) and was welcomed to sit anywhere that I wanted. The kindness shown by the owner, paired with the welcoming accommodations, further affirmed that the experience itself would continue to be doused in luxury. 

Monica, dressed in a gorgeous green ensemble, (which also was a pleasant change from the typical scrubs that most masseuses wear), came to get me and led me into a room that reminded me of what my own personal heaven looks like. She gave me a soft brown towel to wrap myself in paired with a headband to protect my hair. 

The service started immediately, and I knew as soon as she started massaging my face that it would be the best facial that I’d ever gotten. My facial consisted of many things; massaging, moisturizers, exfoliating French toners, extractions, an LED light, facial sculpting, and great conversation. Monica and I talked about a wide range of things, spanning an explanation of everything that she was putting on my face, to people we knew in common, and things about our personal lives. Not only did the conversation we had enhance the experience, but it also made the time we spent together feel like mere seconds. 

Monica Labelle, my masseuse 
photo courtesy of @monlabelle on Instagram 

Prior to visiting Victoria Roggio, I had had an incredibly busy few weeks which brought with it way too many stress-induced breakouts, so my visit came at the perfect time and my spirit has been calmer ever since. Monica affirmed to me that I had beautiful skin, even though I wasn’t feeling like it, which really helped my self-esteem and reaffirmed the confidence that I tend to lose while “PMSing.” She also recommended some products that I could try to achieve my “dream skin” and gave me a few samples to try as well.

I left the studio with enhanced feelings of calm, beauty and confidence, and have been telling everyone about my experience ever since. Since visiting Monica and using the samples she’d given me only three days ago, I’ve already noticed my acne scars quite literally drying up and falling off thus revealing new, healthy and unmarked skin, a more even toned and softer face, and a lightening of some of the stubborn hyperpigmentation that I’ve been trying to rid of for quite some time now. 

Although I always feel beautiful and confident, the experience that I received at the hands of Monica enhanced those feelings, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity and experience. If you’re looking for a facial that is like no other in the Philadelphia area, I suggest checking her out. You will not regret it. She invited me back to get another facial done by her, noting that she has some other tricks up her sleeve and I can’t wait to take her up on that offer. 

To schedule an appointment with Monica or to learn more about the prolific Victoria Roggio Beauty studio and the services they offer, visit:

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