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14 Apr 2021

Divine Muva Diva: Is it really that serious?

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April 14, 2021 Category: Commentary Posted by:
Divine Muva Diva

I know we are all sick of talking about COVID-19; I am too, believe me. However, we have a problem in this country and a pattern of behaviors that have consistently led to our being in crisis mode.

After a year of being in our homes and not being able to go anywhere essentially, we were given a slight greenlight after 25% or more of the population became fully vaccinated. The airports and planes are beginning to fill up. That, however, is where the normalcy ends.

I have traveled twice in recent weeks and what I noticed in airports around the country is frightening, to say the least. Airlines have taken great pains to make people aware that it is a federal regulation that they should wear their masks over their noses and mouths. 

They are taking precautions and asking people to not crowd the plane walkways when boarding and leaving a flight. They have stressed that we should be six feet apart as much as humanly possible in the airport and that we are to wipe the surfaces of our seats when we get on the plane.

I must tell you, I have seen everything but what the airlines have been asking for! While a good percentage of people are probably doing what needs to be done to remain safe, there are far too many who are caught with their masks under their nostrils or just completely taken off in the airplane. When asked to put their masks on properly, the attitude is astounding.

One male passenger had the nerve to say he cannot wait until we stop wearing masks because he’s over it already.

The flight attendants are exasperated, and on a recent flight back to Philadelphia, one attendant said that she had no idea what to do, because people have been fighting on the planes trying to get off in the middle of a pandemic and she believes the selfishness has only increased among us.

Passengers have refused to take the wipes that I handed to them when they enter the planes, they plop into the seats without wiping anything — it is no wonder why the COVID-19 cases are now beginning to increase again.

The hotels are even worse. Employees can be heard asking guests to either wear their mask or leave. The attitudes given to them for asking guests to be conscious about their own health and well-being is really disgraceful.

Guests have been asked not to congregate on elevators — and yet, we saw many people trying to get on an elevator among perfect strangers that was already too full.

No surfaces are being cleaned before people sit down or begin eating, and the general laissez-faire behavior is disconcerting, to say the least.

Everywhere we look in the news in recent days, we see an alarming trend of COVID-19 cases rising. Just take a road trip and it will make perfect sense why that is happening.

The flight attendants are asking this of passengers on their airplanes — pay attention, follow the rules, or they will be put off these planes because it is not worth risking everyone’s life due to the selfish behavior  of some.

Being vaccinated does not mean you cannot get COVID-19 — it simply means you probably will not die from it should you contract it. The immune responses from the vaccine alone should be enough of a reminder that this is a virus that no one wants to deal with, but I guess too many feel invincible until they are the ones curled up in a ball and unable to move.

Wear your masks already. Follow the designated signs and where you should sit and stand in public spaces — do not ignore them.

Take a deep breath and know this; when you cooperate, things run much more smoothly, and everyone will be a little safer. It is just not that serious.

DivineMuvaDiva, is a public persona that inspires positive change through no-holds-barred dialogue, transparent storytelling and plenty of humor. “Muva Diva” was birthed out of the expressed desire from her social media audience to live a life of passion while confronting the hard truths in-between where they are and where they aspire to be, and to do so with her assistance. Each week, you can ask Muva questions by submitting them to [email protected]. She will answer as only she knows how!

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