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11 Jun 2020


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As a black woman, living in the society today, I am expected to be at my best, do my best, give my all, and be my everything.  But then I have a colonizer who overlooks me to say, “that’s not your best”, “you didn’t do your all”, “you can be better”, “this ain’t right”, “that’s wrong.” 


No upliftment!  No encouragement!  No value that I am valued!  No place that I should be placed!  Lost!  Confused!  Out in a land alone; for centuries, decades, months, days, hours.  And ticking and tocking of the minute.  The hand that goes around the clock, that shows me that change has yet to happen!  Change has not taken place!  


Lost in my parameters of the dimensions of my life. I don’t know whether to step up, I don’t know whether to step back, I have yet to figure out do I step off, am I even inside to be stepping at all? Am I even a part of whatever that may mean?  It seems as if not being accepted, not being accepted for who I am, not being loved for all that I give, not being looked at as a powerful and empowering mind, not seen as someone who can do it.  It always appears to be the can’t, the won’t, the ain’t, the isn’t enough!  When does that change?  

When do reparations begin?  When am I acknowledged for all of the travesties, all of the annihilations, all of the lynchings, all of the decimation of character, all of the sliced off ears and penises, eyeballs plucked out of eyes, wow! Fingers cut, feet chopped off!  Who knows the decimation of the bodies being pulled apart in front of my forefathers and foremothers, and the children of their children.  To be seen in my eyes today as this is where I should be, this is my home, this is my right.  Yet I have no rights, I have no home, and I have nowhere to be.  

Help us all Jesus, higher being, Allah, Buddha, whatever you see as your higher ground.  Reach up to it and start touching, because we need something to reach back down and start touching us.  We need to start touching one another and we definitely need to get it together!  Because if this doesn’t open up the door for us now, that we don’t walk through, there may not be another door y’all.  


We may not know what it looks like but this is our chance to change the face, to make a difference, and to start fighting.  If not for yourself, then fight for your children and their children and their children’s children.  Wake up y’all!  Stop sleeping!  You gonna to miss out if you don’t!  PEACE…

cj is a poet, educator, motivational speaker, and inspirational writer who resides in philly. she has been creating and writing for decades with the desire to share with you, the reader.  stay tuned as she will empower, uplift, motivate, and change a thought or two. Feedback, sharing your awesome words, and/or questions?!?!…hit me up at [email protected]

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