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1 Nov 2019

Alawfultruth: We simply talk too much while saying nothing and doing less…

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November 1, 2019 Category: Commentary Posted by:

It occurred to me while watching several events play out in the last few weeks, that we talk entirely too much, with very little or nothing to show for it, and the results from that  lack of action are evident all around us. If one chooses to look, that is.


We can sit all day and admire the tenacity of those who are making strides in life and towards humankind with a side order of “feedback” on things they should or could do differently. But, the difference between those people and the ones being critical is that while folks were talking, they were DOING.

We sit around waiting for the right things to fall into place, the right timing, the right amount of money, and on and on. 

Where is the ACTION?

The biggest detractors to our goals are fear and procrastination.

We allow fear to keep us from venturing into what would be freeing if we only took the first step and then the second.  We are afraid to be poor, we are afraid to be criticized, we are even afraid of the  hard work that is required on the journey to finding our purpose — and that leads to pushing what could have shifted our lives into magnificence to a place of stagnation and excuses.

Comfort zones are akin to still water gathering bacteria and becoming a breeding ground to nothing good.

When one takes the risk that comes along with stepping boldly into the unknown, it usually yields amazing rewards.

How much worse can education get for the children in Philadelphia before we become collectively determined to change their plight? 

How many more decades must we hear about mold and asbestos in school buildings before we begin fully holding leaders accountable?                

How many more babies will be gunned down amidst the fighting of their parents?

When will we learn that collective responsibility comes after taking responsibility for yourself?

Why are we so okay with collecting a paycheck for doing minimal work?

Why do we charge leadership with being responsible for our actions?What will it take?

Where did these minimalist behaviors come from?

I charge us to all take personal inventory of our lives, see where we are falling short, and do better.

Show up early instead of always being late for every meeting.

Set goals and keep them.

Be impeccable with your word.

Help someone beyond yourself.

Help to create something that will help mankind.

Pick up the trash in front of your house.

Find gratitude in the smallest things.

Give grace more than you expect it from others.

Be love.

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