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18 Oct 2019

Alawfultruth: The Brown Girls – Teaching us how to invest our coins and leave a legacy

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The first time I was in a room with Joanna Bartholomew — a fiery woman with a passion for financial freedom —  I knew I was in the presence of  someone who would inspire many to think and act smarter with the monies we’ve earned.

I was soon to find out that not only was she a real estate investor that taught financial literacy classes in schools, she also belonged to the First African American Women investment tour — known as Brown Girls Do Invest —  which will be in Philadelphia from October 25-26 as a part of their nationwide series to close the wealth disparity gap for people of color.

Founder Bahiyah Shabazz

This 501c3 organization — which was founded in 2016 by Bahiyah Shabazz, a powerhouse in the financial industry for almost 20 years until she branched off on her own in 2008 — is one that will impact lives. Women of color should meet these four brown women, who are now on a national tour to educate the masses on where to invest, how to invest, and to be smarter with what they earn.

Shabazz became concerned when it was assumed by the financial industry that Black folks should only walk to the investment tables with six figures in hand.  Not only were  Black people often feeling unheard and dismissed, there were too few people in the industry teaching them what others readily knew from generations of learning within their families.

Danielle Pierce

 Shabazz went on a mission to seek out professional women in the industry who could teach the average woman of color how to invest in the stock market, real estate, and gain multiple streams of income.

“While African American women are outpacing everyone with the degrees they attain, there continues to be a wealth disparity because we have a lack of home ownership, few investments and are often underpaid for their value, if they even gain jobs in their fields  of expertise. We are earning degrees, but need to own homes and shares in companies,”  said Shabazz, who also noted that African American women control the market because we are emulated in every way and set trends for others to follow. 

Courtney Richardson

She firmly believes that it is those same Black women who can birth financial growth within our communities by investing  in the companies where they shop by purchasing stocks of their favorite foods and household supplies, as an example.

“We can begin investing with as little as $25, and that is why we are doing the national tour — to reach and teach as many women and men as possible,” said Shabazz, whose passion for reaching the Black community through financial literacy is downright infectious! 

Joanna Bartholomew

Joining Shabazz and Bartholomew, who is considered an economic change agent, will be Courtney Richardson, owner of the Ivy Investor and an attorney licensed to practice in  Pennsylvania estate planning and the inheritance tax codes.

Richardson believes that women are historically better investors when they do invest, and firmly believes in the mission of this group. To round out the dynamic four is entrepreneur and investment influencer, Danielle Pierce.

There is limited seating left for the conference on October 26, so for further information, please contact the organization at:, by calling 1-866-935-7091, or via email at : [email protected]



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