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17 Sep 2020

South Philly native, Rosebuds Investments’ CEO Jamisa McIvor talks real estate

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McIvor gives a first-hand lesson on getting started in real estate 

By Kharisma McIlwaine


Real estate is one of the easiest ways to acquire wealth through residual income. Unfortunately, there is much information that a novice trying to enter this field simply does not know.

Twenty-six year-old South Philadelphia native Jamisa McIvor, like many of us starting out, found out what she didn’t know the hard way. She got her start in real estate after her grandmother added her name to the deed of her house. Upon  her grandmother’s passing, McIvor became the owner of the property and realized that she needed to sell the house.

Her lack of knowledge regarding the market resulted in selling the house for far less than its market value. McIvor took that hard lesson and learned from it; that lesson resulted in the creation of her company Rosebuds Investments.

McIvor spoke with The SUN  about what she’s learned about real estate and how she plans to share the knowledge she’s acquired with her community. 

McIvor’s love for real estate began with a desire to buy more houses and create an empire for herself and family. A newcomer to real estate, trial and error presented McIvor with a number of valuable lessons.

“I didn’t really know where to start,” she said. “I went on YouTube and used Instagram to connect with other investors, because my main objective was to reinvest. I thought, if one property got me this much money, I want to get more. In the process of that, one deal at a time, I learned more along the way. I learned things like, how much to spend on a property and how to value a property.”

Named after her grandmother Rose, Rosebuds Investments was birthed from McIvor’s desire to share her real estate knowledge.

“I started Rosebuds Investments in 2017 and it was literally an accident,” she said. “I was on a journey. I was learning a lot of things and I was super excited about everything that was going on. I started telling people about my dream and sharing what I learned. People said to me, ‘it actually worked for me, too’ and told me how much money they made. I was bringing it to our community and a lot of people in our community don’t know real estate and have no idea how easy it is to get into.” 

“Once I secured some common knowledge, I realized it was beneficial to other people and their families,” McIvor continued. “After the fourth or fifth success story, I said maybe I should make this a thing, and I did. I took the show on the road and decided to help people.”

McIvor continued to expand Rosebuds Investments, which offers a wide array of services to its clients.

“Rosebuds Investments provides one on one hand holding through the investment process,” she said. “I can take anybody, no matter where you are, how much credit you have or what your capital is and I can build an outline for you that’s designed for you to create a successful portfolio for yourself.”

With gentrification at an all-time high, paired with the strain on the economy, some of the trepidation people experience regarding real estate has a lot to do with fear of not having the means to invest.

“It’s all about the education,” McIvor said. “You can purchase houses for as low as $600. The information that I teach is beneficial to the people starting at ground level. In terms of money, I’m not going to talk to you about something that’s out of your reach. I’m going to cater to a person’s beginning process.”

“I start with your credit score,” she continued. “Based on the answers that you give me for that, I can create a personalized blueprint to get you started. It’s really about filling in the blanks for people who don’t have the knowledge, who think it’s out of their reach because to be quite honest it’s not.” 

“I’m a strong advocate for generational wealth creation, especially amongst women. Outside of building generational wealth, it’s also a legacy thing. Now my grandmother’s name lives on forever and I get to help people. Estate planning is key. One house changed my life”, McIvor said. “I really stand by my work and it means so much to me because of how it affected me and changed my life for the positive. I want us to come together as a whole, moving the puzzle pieces together in a way where we can have a better future for ourselves.”  

Rosebuds Investments offers consultation as well as courses. Be sure to follow Jamisa McIvor on social media at: @rosebudsinvestments and online at:

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