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21 Mar 2014

New website www.AfroWorld.ORG connects African/Black professionals and businesses

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ABOVE PHOTOS:  Norm Bond and James Ololo, Co-Founders



Looking to find an African consultant in Kenya or a Black psychologist in Kansas? Then visit www.AfroWorld.ORG and browse through the hundreds of Black professionals that are getting connected by using the site – and it’s free. Thanks to the visionary work of Kenyan entrepreneur James Ololo and US entrepreneur and marketer Norm Bond, visitors are making connections they only dreamed possible a couple of years ago. Upon registration users receive a full page listing optimized for Google. They can also upload a profile photo, promote offers, use social media tools including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even create their own blog.

We’re living in a world where the power of your network enables you to find jobs, save money and improve your quality of life. Social networking sites are exploding with millions and even billions of registered users. But no one has designed a site that is focused specifically on connecting the millions of African American professionals and business owners to their counterparts in Africa and around the world. That’s the mission of www.AfroWorld.ORG. “We have more tools to connect at our disposal than at any time in history. Imagine if Marcus Garvey could have had access to Twitter, or Facebook? What if Harriet Tubman had a mobile phone? Well these are the times we’re living in”, says Norm Bond.

And with the dismal job opportunities being created in the US economy it is time to use these practical tools to create new jobs in the global marketplace. In a recent study, the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies found that African Americans are more likely than other segments of the population to use the Internet to seek and apply for employment, and are more likely to consider the Internet very important to the success of their job search. By leveraging social media and www.AfroWorld.ORG users can connect to people around the country and the world to better market themselves or their business.

James Ololo, who currently resides in Belgium, says all over the world Africans are under economic occupation. “In my over 15 years as an entrepreneur in a basically hostile business environment, I would say that entrepreneurship is a war Africans must fight. It’s not about gaining money but a war of territory, business and economic territory that we’ve practically lost out. It’s a war I’ll fight over and over again. Marketers, salespeople and entrepreneurs must move as a collective force to establish African presence on the global economic map”.

Some of the other functionality in is the ability for registered users to receive leads from site visitors that are looking for their product or service. So if a visitor is looking for a dentist in Philadelphia, and that dentist is registered she’ll receive the contact information. Also there is a review function so that users can rate the service they receive, and a verification function so that users can know they are supporting a “genuine African” business or person. This became important because some businesses have taken the unscrupulous position of pretending to be Black-owned to lure consumers when in fact the ownership is of some other race or ethnicity.

According to Bond, “You won’t get sales if people don’t know you’re out there. Entrepreneurs need real marketing solutions. It’s critical for their growth.” With the launch of www.AfroWorld.ORG, a solution is being presented to this dilemma. The site is offering a free registration, marketing tools, photos, and more. In addition, visitors can choose to upgrade to a premium level and get even more functionality than in the robust free level. If people want to succeed in today’s information intensive environment, they’re going to have to embrace these types of 21st century tools for empowerment.

For more information, visit www.AfroWorld.ORG

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