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How to hit the slopes on a budget

November 23, 2011

Planning a ski trip starts with answering these three questions: What mountain should I ski/snowboard? Where should I stay while I’m there? And how much am I willing to spend on lift tickets and equipment rental? A ski excursion can easily cost a traveler thousands of dollars, but consumers who are frugal…

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Eat, drink and be merry: Top holiday getaways for a foodie

November 23, 2011

The festive season is also known for eating and lots of it. Turkey, hams, pies, pumpkins, stuffing, latkes, candy canes, chocolates, you name it, it is being consumed. So whether traveling far or near, here is a list of the top towns to get your eat on over the holidays

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Tales of Baden-Württemberg, Germany

November 20, 2011

Germany is divided into 16 regions that are comparable to our states and Baden-Württemberg, the most economically prosperous, is situated east of the Upper Rhine River in the southwestern portion of the country. While the state’s prosperity revolves around several of Germany’s…

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St. Louis, Missouri, be amazed!

November 11, 2011

St Louis has been a city of significant historical events, innovative architecture, indelible personalities, thriving multiculturalism that impacted every aspect of community life and the uncanny ability to reinvent and revitalize itself.

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Great American road trips for fall foliage

October 23, 2011

Yes, fall is here. And that means the trees are beginning their yearly transformation into blazing glory. And what better way to enjoy the show than to hop in the car, roll down the windows, and let the beautiful sights coast by. Here are the top scenic drives to see those vibrant leaves…

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Oklahoma City, Linger With the Legendary (Part One)

October 15, 2011

No state capitol is more filled with art that is visually stunning, representative of its multiculturalism and reflective of its history than that of the state of Oklahoma. A visitor could explore this one edifice in depth for days but there is a great deal more in the state and Oklahoma City, its capitol, which must be seen.

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