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Escape to upstate New York (Part One)

October 19, 2012

From the time enslavement was introduced into the New World those enslaved sought to free themselves from bondage by escaping and there were always those assisted them. Virginia passed the first law that mandated a penalty for offering shelter and…

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Mobile Bay, portal to adventure

October 14, 2012

Mobile Bay, the Gulf of Mexico’s northernmost inlet, has always been an important link to the Atlantic Ocean and the trade and transportation routes of six Mexican states, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. 

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Magical Milford, Pennsylvania

October 8, 2012

The earliest European settlers of what would become the United States were confronted with a vast land that contained 1,077,380,000 -acres of forested land, approximately 47 percent of the total land area. Three hundred years later nearly 15 percent of that land was no longer forested.

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Fall Frolics

September 29, 2012

When I was a child one of the most anticipated times of the year was Halloween. We cared little about its origins, our major concerns were what we would dress up as and how much candy we could accrue before our parents grew weary and hauled us home.

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Switzerland’s Regional Attractions (Part Two)

September 22, 2012

Switzerland is a year round destination that offers something for everyone. It has a huge number of unique sites and attractions and a full schedule of festivals. Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. flies nonstop from the United States and provides world-class service.

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Lucerne, Gateway to Switzerland (Part One)

September 15, 2012

It has been stated that Switzerland is an island surrounded by land. The 15,940 sq. mile country, 216-miles wide and 137-miles in length, is situated in the shadow of the Alps in the midst of Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein and yet stands out as a totally unique destination.

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Food fest! Alabama style (Part Two)

September 9, 2012

One of the things I love about “The Year of Alabama Food” is the fact that the designated lists of restaurants and food trails always include establishments found in cosmopolitan cities and small towns, menus created by classically trained chefs and recipes passed down for generations and both fine dining and drop-in diners.

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Food fest! Alabama style (Part One)

September 2, 2012

For the second time Alabama has designated a specific year the Year of Alabama Food. The theme was first selected in 2005 and now again in 2012 and I must admit I am mystified. Anyone who has ever eaten in Alabama knows that every year is the Year of Alabama food.

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