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Bound for Broadway

July 8, 2012

No trip to NYC is ever complete without taking in at least one theatrical presentation. The first Broadway show, “The Beggar’s Opera,” opened on December 3, 1750 and 261-years later theatergoers are still seeking outstanding performances.

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Philadelphia Art Safari

July 4, 2012

Philadelphia has a long history of both creating and supporting the arts and has also served as an exemplar for crafting and nurturing cutting edge arts programs from colonial times. The city, founded in 1682, is one of the earliest examples of a city designed on a rectilinear street grid…

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Beguiling Brandywine Valley

June 24, 2012

The Brandywine Valley is also known as “château country,” an apt reference to the numerous du Pont estates in the region. Several of these mansions, as well as gardens and museums, are world renowned for their beauty, architectural significance and permanent collections and visiting exhibitions.

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Mississippi Triad (Part Two)

June 17, 2012

Natchez is justifiably famous for its antebellum history and though it conjures a picture of the Old South it has other tales to tell. It is a port city situated on the Mississippi River, the southernmost big city on Highway 61, the Blues Trail.

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Mississippi Triad (Part One)

June 10, 2012

There is no better place to explore the history of the South, both pre and post Civil War, than the state of Mississippi. The state teems with historic sites and modern attractions that cast a light on both the origins of southern plantation culture and the path of new South.

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Delaware, “A Small Wonder” (Part Two)

June 3, 2012

Of Southern Delaware’s 10 beaches arguably the most famous is Rehoboth. The area was founded by Wilmington Methodists as a camp meeting site in 1837 and named after a well in Genesis 26:22. They purchased 400-acres and raised funds by selling tracts of land.

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Delaware, “A Small Wonder” part one

May 29, 2012

Delaware is a mere 96-miles long, 36-miles wide at its widest point, is comprised of only three counties. While Delaware’s colonial history largely follows the trajectory of the other 12 Colonies it has stories that are stunningly unique and the footprints of these tales can be traced from Claymont to Fenwick Island.

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Maryland and the War of 1812 (Part Two)

May 21, 2012

President James Madison sent a war message to Congress on June 1, 1812 listing reasons for the necessity of declaring war on Great Britain. Chief among the reasons was the fact that “British cruisers have been in the continued practice of violating the American flag on the great highway of nations…

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Revolution in the Lehigh Valley

May 13, 2012

Lehigh Valley was considered the frontier and as such it was a place for those with an independent nature and a sense of self-reliance. This year the valley is celebrating the 200th anniversary of its settlement and it continues to be a place with a remarkable culture…

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Pocohanne, part two

May 6, 2012

The only real question regarding a vacation in the Poconos is when to go because each season has something special to offer and the scenery is always spectacular. The 2,400-sq. mile Pocono Mountain region is made up of four counties, Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne, in northeast Pennsylvania.

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