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Color inspiration for a comforting, relaxing home

September 21, 2023

FAMILY FEATURES Updating your home can provide the perfect opportunity to explore new design styles or refresh living spaces with a new color scheme. In fact, a coat of paint can help set the mood for entire rooms in your home. By turning to nature-inspired designs, you can create a sense of comfort and relaxation….

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The SELF(ish) Philly Conference 2023: A recap

September 21, 2023

ABOVE PHOTO: Candace Johnson, CEO of Gooshe Candy and the creator of Touchy/Feely, an adult intimacy card game, speaks to conference attendees about her personal journey.” (Photo/Kharisma McIllwaine)  By Kharisma McIlwaine On Sunday, September 17, The W Hotel opened its doors for the SELF(ish) Philly Conference. SELF(ish), a self-care conference for women, was founded in…

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Countertops emerge as the kitchen’s focal point: Choosing the ideal surface

August 14, 2023

BPT Countertops have become a focal point of modern kitchen design, with an increasing number of design professionals recognizing their significance. According to a recent online poll conducted by Kitchen & Bath Design News (KBDN), 52% of the dealers and designers surveyed believe that countertops are becoming more critical to overall kitchen design, and 74%…

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What’s new in home design? Check out these five exciting trends

July 31, 2023

BPTIf you love home renovation and design, you’ll be excited to discover up-and-coming trends that are transforming the look and functionality of home spaces today. Home design is continually evolving — inspiring homeowners and design professionals to innovate and reimagine how you can live in and feel about your home. Here are design trends to…

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Five ways homeowners can prepare for summer pests

June 30, 2023

BPT As we quickly approach warmer months, homeowners are getting ready for their summertime favorites, including spending more time outdoors and entertaining for backyard barbecues. However, they should be on guard from uninvited house guests: pests. Pests, like spiders and ants, are often considered to be just a nuisance, but some can pose a threat…

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Natural inspiration: Five ways to maximize the goodness of gardening

June 16, 2023

BPT Did you know gardening can have a significant, positive impact on people’s lives? During the pandemic, 18 million new gardeners turned to their outdoor spaces to relieve the stress and anxiety caused by isolation. In addition to the calming effect that working in and visiting gardens can have on mental and physical health, gardening…

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10 ways to create a cool under-deck living space

May 12, 2023

BPT Many homeowners don’t realize that the space below a deck can offer tremendous potential. With a little creativity and the simple addition of an under-deck drainage system, the area beneath a deck can be used for almost anything, from additional living space to discreet and waterproof storage. Using a network of troughs and downspouts,…

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The top five benefits of laminate flooring: A must-read guide for homeowners

May 5, 2023

BPT The transition from winter to spring can be messy, putting your home’s flooring to the test. When temperatures rise and storms increase moisture across the country, laminate flooring tends to outperform other options, offering durability that can stand up to mud, puddles and more. Laminate flooring has made a massive comeback in recent years…

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Top five outdoor design trends for 2023

April 28, 2023

BPT 2023 will reveal a few new outdoor design trends, but two of them — mixed materials and bringing the indoors out — are maintaining their previous popularity into the new year. New trends landscape designers are anticipating include more interest in sustainability, expanding the use of outdoor spaces and maximizing cutting-edge technology. Growing from…

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Garden expert approved: New trends and plants for 2023

April 7, 2023

BPT No matter where you live or how green your thumb, you can enjoy the beauty and bounty of gardening at home. Now is the ideal time to plan a spring garden that will be the envy of the neighborhood. The experts at Ball Horticultural Company share their recommended plants, top topics and tips to…

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