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Savvy Senior: How to spot and fix medical billing mistakes

December 10, 2016

Dear Savvy Senior, After a recent hospital stay, I have a stack of confusing medical bills at home I need to decipher. I’ve heard these bills frequently contain mistakes. How do I spot them to ensure I’m not paying more than I need to be? Cautious Carol Dear Carol, Medical billing errors and overcharging is…

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Savvy Senior: Locating lost life insurance policies

December 2, 2016

Dear Savvy Senior, When my mom passed away we thought she had a life insurance policy, but we have no idea how to track it down. Do you know of any resources that might help? Searching Susan Dear Susan, Lost or forgotten life insurance policies are very common in the U.S. It’s estimated that more…

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Savvy Senior: How much you’ll pay for Medicare in 2017

November 23, 2016

Dear Savvy Senior, I know there won’t be much of a cost-of-living increase in Social Security benefits next year but what about Medicare? How will the 0.3 percent Social Security raise affect our Part B monthly premiums in 2017? Inquiring Beneficiary Dear Inquiring, Considering the rising cost of health care coverage, the news regarding your…

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A surprising strategy for getting the most out of your Social Security

November 17, 2016

BPT The temptation to start collecting monthly Social Security checks at age 62 is hard to resist, but claiming the benefit too early can have damaging consequences for your overall retirement funds. According to’s October list of “Financial Decisions You Will Regret in Retirement,” taking the money as soon as you are eligible at…

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Savvy Senior: Caregiving Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers

November 11, 2016

Dear Savvy Senior, Can you recommend any long-distance caregiving tips that can help me help my elderly father who lives in another state? He has physically declined over the past year, but is determined to stay living in his own house. Worried Daughter Dear Worried, Providing care and support for an aging parent who lives…

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Savvy Senior: Incentive trusts can motivate your heirs

November 3, 2016

Dear Savvy Senior, What can you tell me about incentive trusts? I have two adult children that are financial disasters. Before I die, I want to put some type of requirements in place that they will need to follow in order to receive their portion of my estate. Otherwise, they’ll blow it all in the…

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Savvy Senior: Flu vaccines designed specifically for seniors

October 7, 2016

Dear Savvy Senior, Are there any specific flu shots that are better suited for seniors? I just turned 65 and would like to find out what’s recommended and how Medicare covers it. Semi-Healthy Senior Dear Semi-Healthy, There are actually two different flu vaccines available this year that are designed specifically for seniors age 65 and…

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Savvy Senior: How and when to apply for Social Security retirement benefits

September 30, 2016

Dear Savvy Senior, What is the easiest way to apply for my Social Security retirement benefits, and how far in advance do I need to apply before I start collecting? Approaching 62 Dear Approaching, The Social Security Administration offers three different ways you can apply for your retirement and/or spouses benefits, depending on your preference…

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Veterans find hope and healing through creative arts

September 23, 2016

ABOVE PHOTO:  U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs BPT Where words fail, the creative arts have the ability to speak. Art therapy is an empowering technique that allows for self-discovery and has the power to produce insight and expression in a non-threatening way. That is why the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) encourages creative…

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Creating confidence: eight steps to feeling more self-assured

September 16, 2016

BPT Virtually everyone struggles with a lack of self-confidence at some point in their lives and it’s perfectly normal to feel unsure of yourself in certain situations. However, if you find a lack of confidence is holding you back from fully enjoying your personal life or from achieving your professional goals, it may be time…

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