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SUNscopes for the week of May 17

May 15, 2020

All Signs: This week the Sun changes signs and moves into Gemini for four weeks. Everyone will feel this shift of focus in their chart; in fact, it will be hyped because Mercury and Venus are already in Gemini. This signifies an increase in daily activity and chatting over the fence as more people venture…

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SUNscopes for the week of May 10

May 8, 2020

All Signs: “These are the shadows of things that have been.” Charles Dickens wrote these words in 1843. By the end of this week, four planets will be retrograde – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. (In reality, they always move forward in space; but in astrology, relative to Earth, they appear to be moving backwards.)…

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SUNscopes for the week of May 3

April 30, 2020

All Signs: We’re staying at home, for everyone’s good, but it’s tough. First there was novelty, funny jokes and clever videos. Then the frustration of living in each other’s faces. Then boredom, angst and ultimately depression. But it’s encouraging that Saturn is in Aquarius. It was in Capricorn from 2018 until the end of March…

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SUNscopes for the week of April 26

April 24, 2020

All Signs: At the beginning of this week, clever Mercury will be at odds with stern Saturn. Admittedly, this will encourage feelings of loneliness and depression in many of us. (Expect a spike in the sale of sour pickles.) Nevertheless, like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat, Mercury suddenly lines up with wild, wacky…

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SUNscopes for the week of April 19

April 17, 2020

All Signs: An astrology chart looks like a pizza cut into 12 slices. The planets “fall” into different slices (according to when you are born), and this describes who you are. Some people like to stay at home. Some sleep at home, but mostly they pop in and out to get things or change clothes….

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SUNscopes for the week of April 12

April 9, 2020

All Signs: Power struggles are likely this week because the Sun is at odds with Pluto. This forces us to make radical changes in our lives. We have to let go of patterns of behaviour that are no longer valid. (Hey, if you keep holding on to a hot pot — you burn your hands!)…

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SUNscopes for the week of April 5, 2020

April 2, 2020

All Signs: Capricorn is the sign of government and the status quo. The last time Pluto and Saturn lined up in Capricorn was 1518. (The beginning of the Protestant reformation and break from Rome, which was a big deal.) This configuration brings financial problems, shortages and government restrictions of freedom of movement, as an old…

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SUNscopes for the week of March 29, 2020

March 27, 2020

All Signs: In these scary times, many of us wonder what we can do to help, especially from home. I received an email saying some people on Vancouver Island were starting to meditate-pray at 8 p.m. Pacific time every night for 20 minutes (or how long you want). It’s a chance to stop and take…

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SUNscopes for the week of March 22

March 19, 2020

All Signs: Pluto in Capricorn is lined up with Jupiter. (This last occurred in 1771.) Capricorn represents organizational structures. Meanwhile Pluto is the planet of regeneration and extremes, and Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches. Neptune in Pisces is classic for hidden viruses. Neptune rules hospitals, “prisons” and chemistry. (Neptune was last in Pisces from 1847-1861.)…

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SUNscopes for the week March 15

March 12, 2020

All Signs: This week Saturn leaves Capricorn (the suits) where it’s been since 2017, to enter rebellious Aquarius. (“To the gates!”) Saturn will be in Aquarius for only three months, then return to Capricorn to stay until the end of the year. (When it leaves, it will not return for 29 years.) This means the…

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SUNscopes for the week of February 19

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