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SUNscopes for the week of Aug. 25

August 28, 2018

By Georgia Nicols All Signs: We have ten more weeks to enjoy Jupiter in Scorpio. Since Jupiter stays in each sign for a year, we have been reaping its benefits for months. Nevertheless, since one never appreciates something until it’s gone, let’s take a look at what we have before we lose it. (Ain’t it…

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SUNscopes for the week of Aug. 19

August 17, 2018

All Signs: After Sun leaves Leo this week, the whole world will experience a Virgo trip for the next month. People will start to organize their belongings and papers. They will feel the urge to be “prepared.” Some will create emergency packs to keep by the door in case of weather disasters. Water purifier? Hand…

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SUNscopes for the week of Aug. 12

August 10, 2018

All Signs: Quick recap: The Sun and Mercury are in Leo. Venus is in Libra and Mars has slipped from Aquarius back into Capricorn. This is the part in the movie where the guy squats on his heels and draws a picture in the sand with his finger and says, Basically, this is what we…

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SUNscopes for the week of Aug. 5

August 3, 2018

All Signs: This week Venus moves into Libra to stay for five weeks. What does this mean? For starters, Venus loves being in Libra, so this is good news for everyone.  (Hey, when Venus is happy – we’re happy.) Venus is the energy behind art, creativity, beauty and true love! Venus might seem passive, but…

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SUNscopes for the week of July 29, 2018

July 27, 2018

All Signs: Oy! It’s Mercury retrograde in Leo until August 18. (The “shadow” lasts until Sept. 2). What to do? Carry a book to pass the time if delayed. Stay on top of car repairs because transportation breakdowns are classic. Plan reunions. Get in touch with old friends. Contemplate your past and jot down ideas…

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SUNscopes for the week of July 22

July 20, 2018

Moon Alert: Today the Sun moves into Leo to stay for four weeks. (It was last in Leo a year ago.) This will hype everyone’s social life! Enjoy fun with sports, parties, barbecues, beach activity, romance, love affairs, vacations and playful activities with kids. The arts will thrive because Leo is the sign of the…

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SUNscopes for the week of July 15

July 13, 2018

All Signs: This week the Sun is in Cancer, Mercury is in Leo, Venus is in Virgo and Mars is in Aquarius. (Naturally Jupiter is still in Scorpio and Saturn is in Capricorn.) Basically, it’s a gentle week. But lo! What news from yonder modem breaks? Could it be that winged Mercury doth prepare to…

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SUNscopes for the week of July 8

July 4, 2018

All Signs: We’re now into the second half of the year. How fitting there’s a New Moon on Thursday because a New Moon is an opportunity to set goals. (Oh yes!) I read once that goals are like the rudder on a boat because they determine the direction you go. Of course, you have to…

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SUNscopes for the week of July 1

June 29, 2018

All Signs: It’s the beginning of school holidays. (Didn’t they seem forever when you were a kid? I thought summer was a whole year long.) The Sun is now in Cancer. Mercury and Venus are in Leo, which is perfect because Leo is the sign associated with vacations. Mars is stalled between Aquarius and Capricorn…

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SUNscopes for the week of June 24

June 22, 2018

All Signs: Mars Attacks! Mars is energy: Aggression, passion, sex, ambition, ego. Every two years, it travels through one sign for six weeks. However, once a year, it goes retrograde and hovers between two signs for months. Aagghhh! In mid March, Mars entered Capricorn; and it will go back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius…

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SUNscopes for the week, Mar. 24

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