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SUNscopes for the week of Dec. 8

December 5, 2019

All Signs: Venus lines up with Saturn mid-week during the Full Moon in Gemini. On Friday the 13th, Venus then lines up with Pluto. Venus rules social situations and how we relate to others. When it’s close to Saturn, there is a sobering, practical effect on our interactions, which makes us sensible and conservative. (It…

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SUNscopes for the week of Dec. 1

November 29, 2019

All Signs: I repeat: Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It is so huge you could fit ALL the other planets inside it and still have room for three sesame seeds and the heart of a Hollywood producer. This week Jupiter enters Capricorn. It will stay for a year and bring each…

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SUNscopes for the week of Nov. 24

November 22, 2019

All Signs: Tomorrow Venus enters Capricorn to stay for three weeks. Venus is all about relationship (singular) as well as relationships (plural). Venus denotes beauty; hence it governs the relationship of line to line, colour to colour and spatial dimensions. Indeed, it is said that a beautiful face is symmetrical. Venus also relates to the…

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SUNscopes for the week of Nov. 17

November 15, 2019

All Signs This week two major changes are happening: Mars moves into Scorpio to stay for six weeks; and the Sun moves into Sagittarius to stay for four weeks. Meanwhile, news that will please everyone is that on Wednesday the 20th, Mercury retrograde is over! Yay! Please note: The “shadow” of this retrograde lingers until…

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SUNscopes for the week of Nov. 10

November 8, 2019

All Signs: The celestial skies are busy this week, which means we have a bit of a roller coaster. But I think it’s a good ride. On Tuesday, we have the Full Moon in Taurus. (Pay attention to that, especially if you’re a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.) Very soon afterwards, Mars will dance with…

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SUNscopes for the week of Nov. 3

November 1, 2019

All signs: This week many people will encounter power struggles with others. This is because fiery Mars is at odds with big daddy Pluto. The best way to use this energy is to change the world around you to better suit your needs and desires. However, what is more likely, is that people will have…

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SUNscopes for the week of Oct. 27

October 24, 2019

All Signs: Mercury goes retrograde three times a year creating confused communications, misplaced items and problems with computers, cell phones and printers. Vehicle breakdowns and delays with public transportation are classic. Since mid-October, Mercury has been slowing down. Finally, this week it goes retrograde until Nov. 21 in the sign of Scorpio. (Note: This is…

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SUNscopes for the week of Oct. 20

October 18, 2019

All Signs: Each year the Sun goes through all 12 signs. This week, the Sun moves into Scorpio, which is the most passionate, intense sign of the zodiac. Despite this well-deserved reputation, Scorpios are also teasing and playful! Because the Sun is your drive “to be,” as it moves through your chart, it brings into…

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SUNscopes for the week of Oct. 13

October 11, 2019

All Signs: The heavens are mellow this week. The Sun and Mars are in Libra; Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio; Jupiter is still in its own sign Sagittarius, and Saturn is in its own sign Capricorn. Read on to see how this panoply of planets plays out in your chart. Naturally, the Sun and…

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SUNscopes for the week of Oct. 6

October 4, 2019

All Signs: The big news this week is both Mercury and Mars change signs. Mercury will move into Scorpio; and fiery Mars will move into Libra. Mercury symbolizes how we talk, think and communicate to each other. It dictates our daily habits, short trips plus involvement with trade and commerce. Meanwhile, Mars is all about…

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