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SUNscopes for the week of Nov. 4

November 2, 2018

All Signs: Mercury is slowing down and we’re feeling it. Yesterday I had a flat tire. I haven’t had one since 2005, when Mercury was retrograde in the same sign! (I’m Libra Rising and this particular Mercury retrograde brings Librans transportation delays.) But enough of maddening delays. Let’s focus on the exciting fact that lucky…

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SUNscopes for the week of Oct. 28

October 26, 2018

All Signs: Last week I mentioned Mercury will be retrograde from Nov. 17 to Dec. 6; (buffer dates are Nov. 9 to Dec. 24). This means if you want to buy a cell phone, a computer, a car or truck – do it now because from Nov. 9 until Xmas, it’s a poor time for…

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SUNscopes for the week of Oct. 21

October 19, 2018

All Signs:  This week the Sun moves into Scorpio to stay for four weeks. This occurs on Tuesday, the same day it opposes Uranus — a sure sign of surprises! Meanwhile, all this happens on the day before the Full Moon! Oy! The beginning of the week is rocky – no question. (Keep ice cream…

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SUNscopes for the week of Oct. 14

October 12, 2018

All Signs: In ancient astrology, Jupiter was called the “Great Benefic” because it was thought to produce nothing but good. Indeed, Jupiter does bring good fortune by increasing whatever we have. It also brings joy and is often called Jove (hence the term “jovial”). Jupiter stays in one sign for a year, which means it…

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SUNscopes for the week of Oct. 7

October 5, 2018

All Signs: Scorpio rules all things hidden. It has domain over the world of cops and robbers. (Criminals work in secret and so do the police.) Plumbing is hidden underground or behind walls, which is why plumbers, like policeman, have Scorpio in their charts. Jewels are hidden in the earth, and everything to do with…

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SUNscopes for the week of Sept. 30

September 28, 2018

All Signs: They say the future is much like the present only longer, but that’s not true. We know that everyone’s future holds change. (Checked under the sofa cushions lately?) This week ahead looks pretty tame for most. The Sun and Mercury are in Libra. (“Is everybody happy?”) Jupiter and Venus are in Scorpio. (“Sex,…

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SUNscopes for the week of Sept. 23

September 20, 2018

All Signs: Saturn stays in one sign for 2 ½ years. When it’s there, it can (a) line up with your sign; (b) directly oppose your sign or (c) it can be 90° from your sign. This week, one of those special times is happening. What does this mean? It means something that began around…

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SUNscopes for the week of Sept. 16

September 14, 2018

All Signs: On Tuesday, fiery Mars is at odds with Uranus, which is a message that the beginning of this week is an accident-prone time — verbal accidents, physical accidents and traffic accidents. Therefore, please pay attention to everything you say and do — and be alert. (The world needs more lerts.) Later in the…

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SUNscopes for the week of Sept. 9

September 7, 2018

All Signs: Mars is energy — sexual energy, aggression, ambition and competitiveness. It takes two years for Mars to travel through all 12 signs, which means Mars is in one sign for six weeks. So every two years, we get this big hit of energy in one part of our life. Did this happen this…

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SUNscopes for the week of Sept. 2

August 31, 2018

All Signs: In astrology, Saturn is the real deal. As it moves though your chart, it shows what part of your life is being tested. Saturn takes 29 years to travel though all 12 signs, so most of us feel its influence only twice in a certain area of our lives. Saturn is stern, tough…

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SUNscopes for the week, Mar. 24

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