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Seven days, seven ways to put a new spin on potatoes

September 23, 2011

Seven unique potato types mean you can try a new one every day of the week for a fun and varied menu plan. Not only that, potatoes are a healthy addition to your menu. At just 110 calories per serving, they’re packed with essential vitamins and minerals…

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Beat the back-to-school food blues

September 18, 2011

Going back to school often means hitting the books for ideas to create healthy lunchbox and after-school treats that kids will love. Luckily, the experts at the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) have developed a host of easy tweaks and creative twists that will keep you thinking…

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Wine lovers create their very own vintage

September 18, 2011

The U.S. surpassed France as the largest wine-consuming nation in 2010, with wine shipments across the U.S. – coming from California, other states and foreign producers – at nearly 330 million cases, a record high for the industry. And, in 2010 the per capita total wine consumption was 2.54 gallons – more than one case.

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Go Straight to (Ray’s) Hell (Burger)

September 4, 2011

When I found myself stuck in Washington, D.C. this past weekend because Hurricane Irene decided to crash the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication that I was in town to cover, I got to visit a burger joint so good that even the President has been known to stop by…

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Set the scene for easy outdoor entertaining

August 8, 2011

To make the most of your time and budget, look for low-maintenance solutions that you can use throughout the season – and in summers yet to come. From the dishes you serve to the way you decorate, the less work you have to do, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the time with your guests.

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Summer grilling meets healthy potato salad

July 31, 2011

Surprise and delight the family by combining two summertime favorites – grilling and potato salad – into one to create unique flavors and a new star side dish. Cooking potatoes on the grill adds a smoky flavor to these vegetables. Another twist to this traditional potato dish is switching up the potato type.

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Tasty tips for eating for heart health

July 31, 2011

ARA   When it comes to your heart, what you eat matters, but that doesn’t mean having to fill your plate with bland foods. Getting your family to eat with their hearts in mind can be both fun and delicious.   Make sensible eating a family affair with a fresh and flavorful recipe from Buddig…

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Six easy tips for healthy summer living

July 25, 2011

Summer brings with it abundant sunshine, fresh foods and fun activities which is why the season inspires many people to be happy and healthy. With a few simple tips, you too can refresh your lifestyle and feel your very best.

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