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Nosh nostalgic with classic holiday foods

November 21, 2010

Many of us feel stressed and hurried at a time of year when we should – in theory – be enjoying ourselves and spending time with those we love. We crave the simpler, slower holiday seasons we recall from childhood, when Mom and Grandma both entertained with style, grace and good food.

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Holiday entertaining tips for gourmet get-togethers

November 8, 2010

Today, home cooks are often more like chefs. They have access to a world of rare ingredients, wherever they live, thanks to the Internet, and they can equip their kitchen with professional-grade equipment that allows them to turn out perfectly cooked meals.

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The romantic side of mussels

November 1, 2010

When it comes to foods that inspire love, we’ve heard of all the usual suspects – chocolate, wine, and even strawberries. But there’s another aphrodisiac out there – one that’s easy to prepare, fun to eat, and as near as your local supermarket: mussels.

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Communities In Schools of Students showcase culinary talents

November 1, 2010

Students from Philadelphia’s culinary high schools recently prepared and showcased various dishes to food lovers, friends, and local supporters at the 9th Annual “My Compliments to the Chef” event presented by the Communities In Schools of Philadelphia Culinary and Hospitality program.

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Quick, easy ways to add flavor and zest to your meals

October 24, 2010

If you are part of the nearly two-thirds of Americans who say they try a new flavor at least once a month and you’re looking to really pump up the flavor in your dishes, go beyond salt and pepper and use a blend of herbs and spices to help you create flavorful meals with confidence.

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Unleashing your inner chef is easier than you think

October 17, 2010

Ever watch your favorite cooking show and think “I could do that,” but you never actually get around to trying? Too often, our jam-packed, everyday schedules interfere with our desire to try new and exciting challenges in the kitchen.

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Cookie tips: Secrets to making perfect holiday cookies

October 3, 2010

The holidays are fast-approaching and chances are you’ll soon be receiving invitations to a cookie exchange or other requests for baked goods. While some people jump at the opportunity to bake, others are stymied by memories of previous unsuccessful attempts.

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