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The Most Useless Man In America

April 19, 2013

The fact that I didn’t go any further than calling him useless was my being nice. If I said what I really felt about Sen. Reid, then you could call me mean. In fact, you could feasibly ask me if I kissed my late Mother with that mouth….

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‘42’ never had it made

April 12, 2013

For five hours on August 8, 1944, the young second lieutenant stood nervously before an all-white nine judge military jury panel at Camp (now Fort) Hood, Texas. He faced multiple charges in his court martial proceedings. His only real offense was that he had defied a segregation mandate.

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GOP minority outreach borders on futility

March 31, 2013

The Republican National Committee’s $10 million outreach to blacks, Latinos and Asians carries with it a profound sense of irony.  If it is to succeed it will require much more than the legion of paid staffers going into ethnic neighborhoods for sit-down discussions with voters.

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This Girl’s Life

March 24, 2013

Now if you’ve ever been to Ohio, particularly if you’ve ever been to OSU, you know that there are few things more important than football. Football players were practically Gods at OSU, especially if the team had vanquished the hated University of Michigan Wolverines that year. They had absolute power.

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Haters insure Vick won’t be finally free

March 14, 2013

Michael Vick has done everything humanly possible to atone for his dog torturing past. He was tried, convicted and jailed. He accepted full responsibility for his actions. He’s virtually prostrated himself before every animal rights group around to apologize for his actions.

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The Democrats’ “Nobody Problem”

March 7, 2013

“You don’t beat somebody with nobody.” That familiar old maxim expresses a very modern political truth. Well-known candidates tend to win elections running against unknown candidates. The well-known candidate may be unpopular, may be flawed or even worse. But having high name identification…

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When Humor Goes Wrong

March 4, 2013

Now, everyone who knows me knows that I’m a big First Amendment person. But nothing is going to get me out of my chair and off to her laptop faster than calling a 9-year-old kid a c**t. I don’t care if you were exercising your First Amendment right. I’ve got to call Shenanigans! on you.

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Dreaming of the Third Rail

March 3, 2013

I had to think long and hard about taking on Beyoncé’s HBO Documentary “Life Is But A Dream”, as a topic for a column. Since she’s the only Black woman not named Kerry Washington that anyone is talking about in Pop Culture these days, I couldn’t just ignore it.

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School closing plan needs transparency

February 15, 2013

The School District of Philadelphia faces major challenges as both a financial and an educational endeavor. For the past 15 years the School District has spent beyond its means. The “brand name” of Philadelphia public schools has been tarnished, as evidence by the flood of students…

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